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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


10GB and SPF+

What is the deal with the SPF+ connectors. Are they all vendor specific?

We purchased an HP "Bundle" that was a blade server, SAN and 10GB switch. Well the HP 10GB switch is only 10GB with SPF+ connectors, and I need to cable it into my Cisco network.

I'm hearing that the SPF+ connectors are vendor specific, so I cannot get the coaxial cable to connec the HP and the Cisco, becuase I can get either an HP or Cisco cable, and one end will not be the corrct vendor.

My other option appears to be connect via fiber, and that will cost me $2K per 10GB connection in trancievers.That just seems like extortion to me.

Somebody has to have tried to connect multi-vendors 10GB switches with success. Will I have to go Fiber?

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10GB and SPF+

Hi Joe,

Assuming your 10GE interfaces are on Nexus switches, take a look at the Twinax Cables Certification Matrix for Cisco Nexus 2000 and Nexus 5000 Series Switches Data Sheet. This lists a number of SFP+ copper cables, from Cisco and other vendors, that are supported on the Nexus 2000 and 5000 series switch.

Additionally, take a note of the algorithm used when bringing up an interface:

If attached interconnect (transceiver) is a twinax cable, then verify transceiver SPROM to match Cisco magic code. If the check succeeds then bring up the interface else check whether the Vendor Part Number (PN) has been certified. If the Vendor PN is certified bring up the interface else print a warning message stating that non-Cisco transceiver is attached (shown below) and try to bring up the port.

Basically the switch will attempt to bring up the interface with any 10GE SFP+ transceiver. Note thought that if the cable you use is not on the Cisco support matrix it's likely that you would need to change to a certified cable before you could get support from Cisco.



10GB and SPF+

That was informative, but I'm looking at a catalyst 3560-X switch.

So I'm not certain of the info you provided for the Nexus switches would apply.


10GB and SPF+

OK. I've not tried it on Catalyst switches, but on some Cisco IOS based devices there is a command service unsupported-transceiver that might allow you to do what you're after.

The same rules would apply if you want Cisco support.



10GB and SPF+

Thanks Steve.

I have all catalyst switches, and I need another switch for my network, and wanted to go with another catalyst. but then I have to connect to the HP with with 10GB.

I have not purchased this switch yet, and if I'm going to have to go fiber, I might just buy a damn HP switch, and uplink to the Cisco via 1GB copper. But my brief experience with the HP switch really makes me want to go with Cisco.

However, to go with Cisco will cost me thousands of dollars becuase I will have to connect the two via fiber, or take a chance that the DAC cables will work and I won't ever need support.

Frustrating situation.

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