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10GB ethernet uplink to 1gb ethernet issues

Abbas Rizvi
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Level 1

I have a 3945 router with a 1gb interface(Hwic) that I am connecting directly via  a cat6 cable to a 4948e switch that has a 10gb SPF slot.  I am using a 1gb GLC-T transceiver in the slot.  The switch recognized the transceiver but I am unable to link the two devices together.  Both interfaces are set to auto negotiate.  My assumption is that both devices should dynamically establish a trunk.

Is there special configuration required on the 10gb SPF module to work as a 1GB ethernet interface?  How can I establish the link? 





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Jon Marshall
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Not sure if this is applicable on your 4948 but under the interface configuration have you tried adding -

"media-type rj45"

if you haven't already.


Yes I tried that Jon,  but not applicable.  This should be basic layer 2 connectivity unless the 10gb interfaces are not backward compatible connected to 1gb interface.


Is the fiber interface 1/10 Gig or only 10Gig?

if yes try adding speed 1000 to the interface.


adding speed is not an option.  I can only set negotiation auto.

Issue resolved.  The GLC-T transceiver had a hardware issue.  Tried another module and it works perfectly.  Both sides a set to auto negotiate and the established a layer 2 connection.



switch# show interface capabilities



  Model:                 WS-C4948E-F-Gbic

  Type:                  1000BaseT

  Speed:                 1000,10000

  Duplex:                full

  Auto-MDIX:             no

  EEE:                   no

  Trunk encap. type:     802.1Q

  Trunk mode:            on,off,desirable,nonegotiate

  Channel:               yes

  Broadcast suppression: percentage(0-100), hw

  Multicast suppression: percentage(0-100), hw

  Flowcontrol:           rx-(off,on,desired),tx-(off,on,desired)

  VLAN Membership:       static, dynamic

  Fast Start:            yes

  CoS rewrite:           yes

  ToS rewrite:           yes

  Inline power:          no

  SPAN:                  source/destination

  UDLD:                  yes

  Link Debounce:         yes

  Link Debounce Time:    yes

  Port Security:         yes

  Dot1x:                 yes

  Maximum MTU:           9198 bytes (Jumbo Frames)

  Multiple Media Types:  no

  Diagnostic Monitoring: N/A

  Queuing:               rx-(N/A), tx-(1p7q1t)

Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame


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I'm not 100% sure, but I thought 10g ports on the 4948 were only 10g, i.e. they are not SFP+.  If true, it would explain why it doesn't work.

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