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2620xm Line Protocol Down - FastEthernet

Hi all,

This is my first post

I am currently studying for the CCNA exam, from the studying that I have done I have decided to purchase some lab equipment.

I got myself:


2950 24 port switch

I have set this up so I have :

Netgear DG834G -> 2950 switch -> 2620xm router -> host machine

I am having trouble trying to get the router (2620xm) to allow fastethernet 0/0 to work. The first thing I have tried was to setup the router so that I could get a valid IP address from the router and attempt to backup the IOS. I can connect via the console port fine and there is no issues I can access and change settings as I wish.

I have loaded the router, go into config-reg 0x2142 and reset the configuration, then go back into 0x2102. so no other settings are in there and the router is "as new" being reset to default.

After doing this I have gone into interface fastethernet 0/0 and configure the IP address to subnet mask When I connect the router to my Windows 7 machine it shows a 169 address, I have also tried a Mac and this also gives a 169 address. When I run show ip interface brief it tells me that the interface is up but the protocol is down. It will show as up but only for a limited amount of time.

I removed the router so I had it connected on its own via the console port and no other devices could interfere with IP addressing or config.

I configured manual ip address on the Windows 7 machine and this shows the correct IP address when I run ipconfig. At this point it allows me to ping the loopback and also which return OK, but when I try and ping from my switch it does not give a response to the router. It just times out. The switch works fine, I was quite amazed as to how these catalyst switches work they just plug in and go.

I still having problems in getting my router to work correctly where I can use it, I am very new to all this and any help would be much appreciated. I am sure I have configured something wrong and this could be something basic which I missing, any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

Lei Tian
Cisco Employee

change to crossover cable.


Lei Tian

I thought crossover is only used when going from router to router or switch to switch?

The setup that I have is router to host computer?

I need to buy some short ethernet cables can you reccomend anywhere in the uk?

Crossover is needed between DTE and DTE, both Router ethernet port and PC are considered as DTE. You can make one yourself if you want. Here is the pin-map for crossover cable.


Lei Tian

Hi, not having much luck with this, tried this with cross over and also straight through cable still cannot communicate, I tested two machines and also tried connecting to the 2950 switch and it doesn't allow any response.