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Sean McCoy

2960s stacking problem

I have a stack of 4 2960s switches. 2 of the for have no stacking issues. If I remove either the 3rd or 4th switch from the stack (physically remove stacking cables), I get the following when I issue a sho sw cmd:

CHEE_MDF_2960S_STACK>sho sw

Switch/Stack Mac Address : 04c5.a4cc.7b80

                                           H/W   Current

Switch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State


1       Member 0000.0000.0000     0      1       Provisioned        

*3       Master 04c5.a4cc.7b80     1      1       Ready              

4       Member 04c5.a4cc.b200     1      1       Ready

I do see that the two switches with issue are a different part # (WS-C2960S-48TS-L V03...the ones that stack without issue end in V03). If I console into the individual switch, it indicates it cannot find a bootable image. Any ideas?


You can try going to rommon mode of that switch where u get "cannot find a bootable image" message and boot with proper image ? Something like recovering the switch with new IOS.

Can u pls post us following details:

1. Full part number of all 4 switches

2. IOS images available on all 4 switches

and also boot variable.

Part numbers as follows:

Switch 1- WS-C2960S-48TS-L V03

Switch 2- WS-C2960S-48TS-L V03

Switch 3- WS-C2960S-48TS-L V02

Switch 4- WS-C2960S-48TS-L V02

IOS on working 2 switches (ending in V03) C2960S-UNIVERSALK9-M Version 12.2 (55) SE2 Release Software FC1

IOS on other 2 is 12.2 (53r) SE Release Software (fc3)

Not sure about boot variable  and rommon mode. Can you help me with that? Thanks.

Hi Sean,

Your hardware parts has no isuse. You can stack all 4 together. But you must have same IOS version to stack those switches. Since you have version differences you are not able to stack all 4 of them.

Boot your 2 switches whose version os 12.2(53r) as standalone switch and then upgrade their IOS to 12.2(55)SE2. Copy the IOS to your flash from tftp and upgrade.

Once you have all 4 switches running with version 12.2 (55) SE2 then the stack of 4 switches can be easily formed.

And regarding rommon mode you asked about,

follow this link guide and you should be able to load an image to the switch incase if you dont have any image on the flash.


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I have seperated the two switches running 12.2(53r) from the stack and made them standalone. Switch boots to the switch: prompt. I get an error that the system is unable to automatically. Boot environment variable needs to be set to a bootable image. Upon further investigation, if I do a dir cmd, there is a subdirectory in flash named update. Inside this directory is the 12.2(55) SE2 file. The boot error indicated it could not find this file in flash. Do I just need to copy this to flash?

Yes, if thats a valid image file in that directory then either you can point your boot paramketer to that file or copy the image to flash: OR else you can load a image to flash through xmodem method if you do not have a valid image.

When you are modifying the new boot parameter, make sure you remove the earlier configured boot statments else switch will fail to boot again.


All is well! I was able to XMODEM the image file and modify the boot parameters so that both problematic switches load the image from flash. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks Sean, np

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