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2960x vs 3650 QoS difference

Hi all,

I am investigating the differences between QoS capabilities on 2960x and 3650 switches.

I found this document 

which says that 2960x supports traditional QoS and 3650 advanced.

Can anybody tell what the difference is?


Mark Malone
VIP Mentor


3650s actually trust dscp by default so unless you want to go real granular it will trust the likes of phone traffic and prioritize it by default without any interaction unlike a 2960 where you would mark as close to the source anyway even if the phone is setting the value

3650 in general is big difference to 2960 completely different architecture behind it , IOS and IOS-XE and the power and options available to 3650 would be a lot better

Theres no a huge difference in terms of configuration at l2 but the 3650 would be a lot smarter , its a dist switch not user access so the features would be better in most instances and have more options depending on licenses in place.

As well 3650s can all go L3 while 2960s only have the XR for that and its limited so service policy's  may not be available in most  2960s, again just more options on switch like that


Thanks for the reply. Which one would you recomend then as an access switch for a network where Qos needs to be implement for voice


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Like Mark, the 3650 is a more advanced switch than the 2960, but if you only need to protect VoIP, a 2960 can do that.

Yes I would just go 2960 for access too works fine for voip