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Cisco Employee

3.6.6 Beta Availability

Release 3.6.6.x Beta (15.2(2)E6)

We are pleased to announce the availability of 3.6 MR6 beta (future 3.6.6). If you are interested in participating, please send email to, please include information on the intended use and beta test plans/configurations/topology details

Resolved Caveats: 03.06.06.E.713

CSCvb29204 BenignCertain on IOS and IOS-XE
CSCuu05714 Constant high cpu due to SNMP ENGINE when pooling MIB lldpXMedMIB
CSCuz57493 High CPU observed in punjectrx fed-ots-main thread
CSCud22987 STANDBY wcm: %OSAPI-4-TIME_SHIFT_DETECTED: Detected backward time shift
CSCun71347 3850 Crash in "CEF: IPv4" Process While Processing ARP Throttle Elements
CSCup57468 Switch reloads intermittently with ASIC ballot issue
CSCva71899 3650: Ports reportingPower Good wait timer timed out
CSCux46898 NTP associations vulnerability
CSCuz29721 Memory leak under HTTP EPM Redirect Daemon
CSCum58148 Switch crashes when you modify policer rates of QoS policy
CSCus79635 Wireshark file location flash:/usbflash0: does not capture
CSCuz18217 SUP8E VSS active crash due to signr 11 when OIR standby SUP8E
CSCtg57657 Router crash at dhcp function
CSCuz98375 OSPF flaps on Cat3850 with 1s/3s timers with 03.07.03E
CSCuz21061 router crashes after %BGP-6-BIGCHUNK + SNMP query.
CSCuz24063 Storm-control configured on port-channel cannot reflect to member link
CSCuz05137 "Service-Policy input" configuration is deleted after reboot
CSCuz70781 VSS comes up when use same port channel number on both chassis for VSL
CSCuz89095 3850 switch at Provisoned state after a random reload/power outage
CSCva79547 Zero RX counters and total traffic loss on te1/1/3 port
CSCuo42374 WCCP redirection not working with stack
CSCuw17864 3650 will not forward 5246 with ip helper
CSCuz72531 PC mac deleted from port-security table even with sticky config
CSCuz87940 Invalid vlan policy in startup-config make running-config inaccessible
CSCva02227 C3850s in stack don't return ports 45-48 when polled through SNMP
CSCva16996 5760 wlc sending null values for ipaddresstable in cldcClientByIpTable
CSCva72252 2960X/3750X IPv6 Neighbor Solicitation messages wedge CPU queue
CSCuw13024 Tracebacks when polling cafSessionEntry
CSCuz48597 4500 IOS-XE: Crash on ACL/PBR configuration (Part 2)
CSCuz85512 4500 malformed packets are looping inside
CSCuz87489 brelay: No crashinfo generated since core resource was not set
CSCuz94722 MACSEC link not encrypting traffic in half duplex
CSCva22528 3850:Traffic only flowing between ports on Port Asic
CSCva33531 c4500 - IPv6 neighbor discovery packet processing behavior
CSCva61347 multicast packets can't be forwarding after power off/on the master SW
CSCul30895 Syslog messages not generated for BFD neighbor up/down events
CSCur08470 After changing a macro a Sup720 might reload/switchover
CSCux69185 4500: QinQ / vlan mapping issues
CSCuz83883 IPv6 neighbor discovery packet processing behavior
CSCva21500 Cat3650 interface don't up when "speed nonegotiate" is applied
CSCva34598 Down change delay expired of track, without counting delay down time
CSCva37063 improve the script that logs the last-reload reason on nova reloads
CSCva37519 stale flowmgr entry during ipv6 tacacs transaction leads to crash
CSCva47253 AAA crash on multiple username deletions - Part 2
CSCuq39109 Memory Fragmentation due to IP SLA
CSCuu23928 c3560 150-2SE7 dhcp-snooping causes loop on Te0/9 - Te0/12
CSCuv80212 cBR R1 "logging event link-status global" configuration default
CSCuw64493 3750 redirection not working
CSCux14425 ACL matching IP option is not working with "no ip unreachables"
CSCux62169 OIL Pruned on Last Hop Router by IGMPv2 Leave
CSCux65501 4500X forwards Ethernet I frames on stp blocked port
CSCuy96474 3650 Platform Manager crash after Config-sync failure
CSCuz16135 close the socket, listening on 5246 port.... if wireless is disable
CSCuz63194 Remove switchport block unicast from ASP Macro for IP Phone
CSCuz77913 2960C phone not responding for some time when PC+IP phone on dot1x port
CSCuz78357 Cisco 3850 crashed during configuration.
CSCuz93277 Sync issue for CDP in 3750 stack
CSCva22352 Switch Delete fails to complete after memory exhaustion
CSCva22423 LACP rate fast unbundle due to aggressive timer
CSCva59493 3650 returning incorrect OID sysObjectID for NAC
CSCva65432 NGWC5760 A-MSDU settings are not saved after reload.
CSCuq91509 2960X/XR : Hibernation can not be configured for overnight period
CSCur47504 Porter: show inv gives repeated entries after master switover
CSCuu76493 Need to fix buffer overflow which is the outcome of running fuzzer tool
CSCuu99371 Burst of syslogs may end up truncated
CSCuw67327 EIGRP route is recognized as stale and deleted
CSCuw72963 Interoperability issue between WS-C2960X-48LPS-L and ProNote200 TE count
CSCux15355 "ip tcp adjust-mss" is not supported on 3850/3650; it should be removed
CSCux31188 Shutdown is displayed with linkup channel member port on show run.
CSCux51805 c4k 3.7xe -- VLAN from AAA is not applied after SSO switchover
CSCuy08656 SNMP Traps leading a leak in CHUNK functions
CSCuy66994 duplex and speed config of Fa0 changed after 3750X stack master reload
CSCuy70475 Latency increases with low priority background traffic
CSCuy73225 Missing Wireless Clients Stats (RSSI, SNR, etc..)
CSCuy84353 AmurMR4: Dot1x with DVLAN sync issue for STP instance in Standby SUP
CSCuz02766 NOVA: Crash in IOSd with 'EPC SM Liaison Update proc'
CSCuz14485 output rate is different from input rate on C3650/C3850 management port
CSCuz28295 TCN generate late and mac learn issue on 3650 stack after RSTP TCN
CSCuz28650 netflow doesn't work after stack switchover
CSCuz30314 Memory leak in DSensor Cache PROTO and epm authz_sess_info
CSCuz45443 C2960X Link does not come up when connected to LenovoM82 via patch panel
CSCuz48048 ip dhcp snooping trust is added upon master reload under template
CSCuz48487 Catalyst 3850 drops MacSec traffic
CSCuz49911 Stack scenario coverage for 'rvon-work-around-apply' command
CSCuz56319 PD's do not reliably auto back UP if power inline auto max 15400 (IE3k)
CSCuz60141 SDP drops causing stack issues.
CSCuz61004 EMM script event mat mac-address is not working on version 3.6.4
CSCuz69805 ACL deny counter does not match on 3850 when use HSRP VIP as gateway
CSCuz71966 "speed auto 10 100" disappeared from show run after reload
CSCuz92903 Unpowered IP Phone may bring switchport up at 10M on non-PoE switch
CSCuz99590 c2960x IPDT Cache max limit reached -> IPDT entry removed for phone
CSCva08318 2960X AutoQoS packet Drop enev if Not exceed threshold
CSCva08676 after deleting flex link config, LED of backup port still shows amber
CSCva09951 mac address-table static H.H.H vlan xx drop command not work on cat3850
CSCva11536 'srr-queue bandwidth share' wrongly modifies queue 6 with queue 5 config
CSCva16003 SNMP chassisFanStatus object returns value 4 (major fault)
CSCva17430 Media Services Proxy process crash
CSCva25643 2960S stack member I/F port is displaying as notconnect status
CSCva27310 Cannot SSH to Nexus 3000 from 4500 switch
CSCva32762 Radius packets are timed out caused link to go Critical-auth.
CSCva35043 C3560C // 15.2(2)E5 // IPv6 FHS Features cannot be enabled
CSCva35588 Cisco 3850-48XS crash after initiate CPP queue command
CSCva37748 When enable ip source guard, a part of the clients cannot communicate
CSCva40112 port-security limit rate invalid-source-mac not working on Sup6e
CSCva40478 ip dhcp snooping trust on port-channel does not reflect on member link
CSCva41556 Pretzel UI: Unable to apply VLAN configuration changes
CSCva46457 c3850 stack crash with static mac-address map'd to multiple port-channel
CSCva47779 3850 IP source guard drops legitimate user traffic
CSCva47972 Wrong SNMP Trap cefcFRUInserted is sent when power supply is removed
CSCva56672 3850 wcm Constantly Crashing After Removing selfsigned Certificate
CSCva60013 IOS XE Unauthorized Write-Access to underlying filesystem
CSCva63300 4K VSS New Fantray's SN on Standby is Not updated after replacement
CSCva65105 Cat3650 Stack: specific vlan down when swithcover
CSCva69778 Wrong temperature syslog OVERTEMP severity level in 3850
CSCva75188 2960X stack: rvon-work-around-apply disappears from sh run after reload
CSCva83136 Cat2960+ can't apply "logging source-interface **"
CSCva87959 Crash due to IP Source Guard during vlan id from L3 key lookup
CSCva93962 3650/3850 wccp redirect-list don't work using range ACL
CSCvb04162 4500 IPv6 QoS Policy w/ L4Ops Intermittently Not Installing on Interface
CSCvb16274 PPTP Start-Control-Connection-Reply packet leaks router memory contents
CSCvb19688 SUP7 DHCP snooping statistics incorrect drop untrusted port counter
CSCvb21264 IPv6 in VRF-lite on 4948E-F shows inconsistent behaviour & doing sw fwd
CSCvb24143 3850 stops forwarding broadcasts and multicasts after WLAN is removed.
CSCvb60207 Span destination don't capture all packets on C3650
CSCur51690 4510 RSP physical removal missing default route for 60 seconds
CSCuu21803 IP-sgt binding present after ip-mac binding from SISF moved to STALE
CSCuv83173 WCM crash on Longevity Katana165 in Amur MR3 03.06.03.E.544
CSCux26486 Scale TCAM does not get reprgm automatically when TCAM becomes available
CSCux66796 router crashes @data_inconsistency_error_with_original_ra
CSCux94063 Beni - SGACL Logging enhancement
CSCuy92908 Enh: Add Inline Power outputs to show tech output
CSCuz10028 ACLHWPROGERR message seen with IPV6 ACL+L4 operator
CSCuz34543 Switch console hangs when executing CLI continuously from tclsh
CSCuz35367 3650 stack crashes at FED when reload after V-mismatch
CSCuz68659 unexpected packets seen while learning the mcast traffic
CSCuz71470 Cauvery MR2: Member crash on bringing up webauth session
CSCuz75693 Channel utilization and clients column is not clearing for remove client
CSCuz83912 Amurmr5 USB device not reconized with issu changeversion and loadversion
CSCuz91664 3KX Switchover: supplicants continue in dVLAN -no vlan assigned from ISE
CSCva20142 PHY sleepmode support for C2960X (H/W revision 0x12)
CSCva34854 amur: ap not joining wireless E/D & ip forward-protocol udp E/D
CSCva43372 Interoperability - remote side CRC error
CSCva43592 WARNING:Port channel number for VSL on both chassis should not be same
CSCva43957 port SGACL Logging enhancement to amur(3.6.6)
CSCva48042 SNMP Trap cefcFRU is not sent when FAN module is removed and inserted
CSCva48826 Amur-MR4: show udld neighbors should show empty for GLC-T ports
CSCva69742 netflow export flow with negative duration
CSCva80640 Active switch crash while booting member switch by removing offline-conf
CSCva81608 Egress QOS policies are failing to get installed in hardware- 3850
CSCva97090 Latency increases with low priority background traffic
CSCvb01473 Publish latest CMI components to AMUR-MR6 branch.
CSCvb19326 NTP leap second addition is not working during leap second event
CSCvb30709 Enh: display relevant registers in POE in test command in Amur/Beni
CSCvb40050 Build break in amurmr6
CSCvb48311 Installer process hangs while executing compatibility checks
CSCvb57079 Sanity:-Unable to get global ipv6 address
CSCvb85433 AMUR: cts compilation failure for c3750e

Open Caveats:

CSCur07371 CPU queue wedge on 3750x
CSCuv27265 ENH: Enable support for TLSv1.1 & TLSv1.2 for http secure server/client
CSCuz42775 Cat4500: PoE devices not granted power by WS-X4748-UPOE module

Accepted Solutions
Hall of Fame Community Legend

please send email to

The e-mail address is incorrect.  Should it be

View solution in original post

Hall of Fame Community Legend

please send email to

The e-mail address is incorrect.  Should it be

View solution in original post

Cisco Employee

Thanks Leo. Changed it


I am interested in hearing about anyone's upgrade to 3.6.6E, specifically pertaining to CSCva71899 (3650: Ports reportingPower Good wait timer timed out).

Throwing packets since 2012

Hi Patrick,

3.6.6E is not out yet. However, we've tested the fix for CSCva71899 thoroughly and have seen no issues. This fix is available in the 3.6.6 beta image.

Hall of Fame Community Legend

force Speed/Duplex to 100/Full makes the device work correctly.

CSCuz45443 is not a (valid) bug.  It's a cabling issue and can be verified by running a TDR from the switch.  The "workaround" is a dead give-away it's a cabling issue.  

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