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3560E QOS per-port per-vlan

Hi, i have some Problems getting rate-limit and/or traffic shaping to work the wanted way.

I have a pair of 3560E-48TD-S as acces-switch for Ethernet-lines.

The 5/10 MBit/s lines are 10-full,

the 50/100 MBit/s lines are set to 100-full.

We do not have a mismatch here.

In Reality, those lines are represented in SDH; so we get  45 or 90 MBit/s .

so we would like to rate-limit or traffic shape (or both?) the outgoing traffic.

It is clear that i must do this also on the remote side.

The redundant Router-pair is attached thru a vlan-trunk at ten0/1 and ten 0/2.

i would like to be able to rate-limit the incoming sum of traffic from those two ports to each vlan.

To make it more complicated, we have some customers with two applications on the line,

seperated by vlan.

We would like to shape/limit one of that vlans to maximum 20 MBit in and out,

and the second vlan should have at reserved the remaining 35 MBit/s (but if the "20MBit/s" are not used, it may cunsume that bandwith too).

Finally, the top end of the wish-list would liek to see HSRP/VRRP/OSPF pakets on both of the vlans not to be limited,

so the pakets should be pushed somehow to the "expedited" output queue .

Here, i do not see how i can "mark" them to find the way to the right "output queue"

on the two-stage policy

and how to configure the output-queueing with those "srr ..." commands .

The two queue-sets i can configure are for the whole switch as far as i understand

so i should use one for the uplinks and the other for the acces-ports ?

From several sources i have curretnly build the attached "per-vlan-per-port" configuration,

which works somehow around the configured values, but

a) show policy-map interface vlan xxx

does show all counters and rates as zero

b) the two uplinks ten0/1 and ten0/2 are not summed together

so the two routers would be able to generate the double of the wanted maximum rates.

(and this could be done with rate-limit/traffic-shape/policy map on both routers interface)

Thank you for your experience and hints on this.