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3560G 15.0(2)SE - show platform forward command crashes switch?

I have been working on some Catalyst 3750's running 12.2(55)SE6 and hit an issue with CEF load-balancing over multiple equal-cost paths.  Anyway this issue is now solved but it introduced me to the command 'show platform forward' - this shows you how the forwarding of a packet would be done via hardware cef (as opposed to the command 'sho ip cef exact-route' command that only shows the software cef path).  Anyway I tried the command on a 3560G running 15.0(2)SE and it crashes the switch.  I tried it a couple of times and verified that the MAC & IP addresses were exactly right in the command and each time the switch crashes.

I have extracted the relevant bits from the crashinfo and attached them.  I think this is a bug but could do with someone verifying it?



Arumugam Muthaiah
Cisco Employee

Hi Andrew,

The 'show platform forward' command is a common command used on many switches, including the 3750, 3550, 2960 and 3560. It specifies how  the hardware would forward a frame that matches the options provided in the show command.

I decoded the crash file and these are looks like generic mem leak decodes and i couldnt find any specific bug matching this issue presently for code 15.0(2)SE

Could you please check if there is any crashinfo file in the crashinfo_ext directory and provide the same ?

show flash:
dir flash:/crashinfo_ext
more flash:/crashinfo_ext/

Do you see crash on code 12.2(55)SE6? or only 15.0(2)SE?



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Hi Aru

I only saw the crash on 15.0(2)SE however this was on a 3560G, with 12.2(55)SE6 it was a 3750-12S and I didn't see the crash.  I was going to rerun the command whilst connected to the console, however thats a bit tricky because of where the switch is installed.

There are two files in the /crashino_ext folder (crashinfo_ext_1 & crashinfo_ext_2) - I have attached the 1st one.



with 12.2(55)SE6 it was a 3750-12S and I didn't see the crash.

Hi Andy,

12.2(55)SE6 is a very, very stable IOS, hence I strongly recommend this for 3560/3750.