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3750 vs 3850 portbuffer


I am searching for some new switches . Our current core switch is a stack of 3750's. I see some output drops on the interfaces connecting to our fileserver. Our design is also in need of some upgrade, we have one large l2 domain and i want to split this up in a acces layer and a distribution layer (campus like design).

I want connect the servers in the datacenters to two new stacks of 3850, this acces layer connects to the distribution layer on l3 (ospf).

The 3850 has a lot of benefits comparing it to the 3750 (stacking bandwidth, mqc for qos, 8 queues against 4 etc) but i want to now if there is a bigger port buffer on the 3850 vs the 3750x cisco does not document this but i like to now what i am buying... So anyone has some info on this?

I would like to now if there is a chance that the 3850 is better capable in coping with the bursty traffic going to our fileserver..


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Leo Laohoo
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I see some output drops on the interfaces connecting to our fileserver.

What kind of server(s)?  How many server(s), both virtual and physical?

2K and 3K switches are not designed to support high-speed, hit-less and contiunous-traffic servers because the buffers are shallow.  2K and 3K switches are designed for client access switches like computers, laptops, etc.

For servers, you need to look at Nexus 2K with Nexus 5K/6K as parent switches (high end), 6500E for mid-range/low-end servers traffic volumes.

Joseph W. Doherty
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From what I've read about the 3850, I wouldn't expect huge improvements vis-a-vis port buffering.

As Leo notes, 3K series, which may include the new 3850, aren't marketed for high performance usage.  For high performance, you would want to look at Cisco Catalyst 4xxx/6xxx series and/or Nexus 5xxx/6xxx series.

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