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3750-X IOS Upgrade with C3KX-SM-10G Module


I have a stack of four C3750X-48PF-E switches with C3KX-SM-10G modules in two of those switches.


The 3750's are currently running 15.0(2)SE5.  We will roll to 15.2(2)E6.


The service modules show the following:



Switch/Stack supports service module CPU version: 03.00.71
Temperature CPU
Switch# H/W Status (CPU/FPGA) CPU Link Version
1 OK 60C/64C connected 03.00.71 
2 OK 52C/54C connected 03.00.71

There is also a code update listed for the modules: c3kx-sm10g-tar.152-2.E6.tar




-Is the code update for the modules required if we upgrade the switches' IOS?  The release notes are lacking some details, but table 1 says the "Minimum supported version is 15.0(1)SE" for the 10G module. Am I good?


-If a code update for the module is required, the documentation says that the module will continue to operate in "Pass-Thru" mode if we don't upgrade right away.  What exactly does that mean?  The 10G interfaces are used as members of a port-channel for uplink on the switches; will they continue to operate as such?


-The release notes for the switch IOS we are going to doesn't have procedures/notes concerning how to handle service modules, like some IOS release notes do.  What are the procedures and order of operations for upgrading the code on the modules (using the CLI manual method with the .bin file)?


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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend
Yes, the patch is required for the SM module.
Unpack the file using the "archive tar /x tftp://<TFTP_IP_ADDRESS>/SM_FILENAME.TAR flash:" command.
Unpack the IOS file using the command "archive download-sw tftp://<TFTP_IP_ADDRESS>/IOS_FILENAME.tar".

Thanks for the reply.


Still some details I'm missing:


"archive tar /x tftp://<TFTP_IP_ADDRESS>/SM_FILENAME.TAR flash:" won't work if I upgrade the IOS and the 10G fails to work after a reload as these are the uplink ports.  I could put the 10G bin directly on the flash, but I'm too tight on room and it won't fit.


What is pass thru mode?

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