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3850 Switch 1 of Stack Not Becoming Active Master Despite Priority of 15


I submitted a TAC case already SR 686722198 but I not getting support so I creating a new TAC case. 


We came into the office to find three 6 member stacks (stack 2, 3 and 4) with switch 1 removed and switch 45 as version mismatch. All switches have been up for 27 weeks. I reloaded all the stacks and stack 2 came back fine but stack 3 and 4 had switch 1 in provisioned mode. I had a remote branch user power off, remove the stack cables, then reconnect and power up the switch 1 of both stack 3 and 4. Switch 1 is now a member of the stack but switch 2 is Active and switch 3 is standby despite switch 1 having the highest priority of 15.

Additionally, Switch 3 isn't being polled by CiscoWorks, logins aren't' authenticated by ACS TACACS+ and you can't ping the switch from the upstream MLS sourcing the ping from the directly connected subnet.

Please tell us why our stack 3 can’t bee SSH’d to, nor ping it from the upstream MLS. Ciscoworks can SNMP walk the device and TACACS can’t reach the Cisco ACS. You can async to the console port on switch 1 of stack 3 but once you authenticate you just get a blank window with no blinking cursor which I believe is the case when a switch is a member of the stack. 20 servers are sending data back to an on-prem data center but we can’t manage the switch.

Some suggest just reloading the individual switches to force an election assuring switch 1 becomes the Active Master. How do I do that?

I'm not allowed to provide output of show tech-support or webex in for security purposes.

Switch# Role Priority
*1 Active 15
2 standby 13
3 Member 11
4 Member 9
5 Member 7
6 Member 5

Stack 3

Stack 4
Switch# Role Priority
1 Member 15
*2 Active 13
3 standby 11
4 Member 9
5 Member 7
6 Member 5

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend
Stack member 3, designated stack master is not the master because it was the last member of the stack to reboot. Remember, you got the user to remove the stacking cable.
If you want the designated stack master to become master again, then you'll need to reboot all the remainder of the switches (or reboot the entire stack).
What firmware are the stack running on?
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