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3860 MGMT Interface Unresponsive

This is new data center setup for a customer, cisco 3850 stack x2 for management with all Nexus and UCS beneath it.  I do this quite often without issue but fear I am hitting a bug or something in 3850-48T-S with 3.2.3SE code.


Setting up stack of 2 new 3850-48T-S switches using out of band g0/0 ports.  I cannot ping these ports nor terminate anything on them using 03.02.03SE code.  I have both hooked up and using them to manage my Nexus devices which are all responding.  I can ping everything on the subnet except the 3850 g0/0 ports for some reason.   I have configured a default route for the vrf Mgmt-vrf as well as assigned the IP to the automatically configured g0/0 port in the Mgmt-vrf.   Using ping vrf Mgmt-vrf I cannot ping anything on the subnet, but everything else can ping everything else on this basic mgmt subnet.   I have searched but not finding a direct bug in 3850 code for this but others with mgmt port, anyone seen this or know of known bug in this release ?? Every buy I find says I dont have permissions to view it.


thanks in advance,


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