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3925e and SM-ES3G-16-P cant ping anything get past router from switchport


I'm at a loss, either this will be a something simple I overlooked or something bizarre.

Starting with the switch

- port gi 0/18 is configured with as per most documents

- port gi 0/17 I have configured as a trunk port and tried just leaving it Default.

- port gi 0/2 is configured as an access port vlan 102

- I have created vlan 102 with an ip address.
- I have set the last resort route to point to which is on the routers

At the router

- Has Gi0/0 connected to the internet

- from the router I can ping

- I have configured gi 2/0 (verified with cdp that this is the port created upon card insertion) With the ip of

- I have configured a  sub-interface gi 2/0.102 and used encap dot1q 102

- I have created a route for vlan 102 that points to


The results are with a PC with a valid IP from the vlan 102 subnet I can ping the the routers gi0/0 interface and can get no further. I can not ping

Any help would be appreciated.


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The IP I'm using on vlan 102 is a public address, NAT will be the next hurdle for some of the private IPs that will go on other ports/vlans on the SM switch card.

Does the router have a default route pointing to the service provider's IP?


Yes it does, I can ping and from the router but not from the switch card

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