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4500 High Cpu / K2CpuMan Review / Host Learning


there`s a 4500 Switch with High Cpu Load:


#show proc cpu sorted | ex 0.0
CPU utilization for five seconds: 88%/3%; one minute: 92%; five minutes: 93%
 PID Runtime(ms)   Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process
  41  1147238344  45841172      25026 72.39% 78.83% 79.02%   0 Cat4k Mgmt LoPri
  40  4102120428 671891694       6105  6.47%  6.26%  6.26%   0 Cat4k Mgmt HiPri
  80  14929834522273994121          0  3.19%  3.09%  3.08%   0 Spanning Tree


The following command indicates that the CPU is getting many packets to process

#show platform health | ex " 0.0"
                     %CPU   %CPU    RunTimeMax   Priority  Average %CPU  Total
                     Target Actual Target Actual   Fg   Bg 5Sec Min Hour  CPU
K2CpuMan Review       30.00  78.76     30     91  100  500  115 108   81  86617:42

#show platform cpu packet statistics


Packets Received by Packet Queue

Queue                  Total           5 sec avg 1 min avg 5 min avg 1 hour avg
---------------------- --------------- --------- --------- --------- ----------
Esmp                       11440169709       121       133       107         98
L2/L3Control                 991904978         8         6         7          0
Host Learning               3226484847      5077      5981      4745       4596



There`s a very high number of new learned MAC adresses. I`ve checked the MAC Table:


#show mac address-table count
MAC Entries for all vlans:
Dynamic Unicast Address Count:                  97
Static Unicast Address (User-defined) Count:    0
Static Unicast Address (System-defined) Count:  12
Total Unicast MAC Addresses In Use:             109
Total Unicast MAC Addresses Available:          32768
Multicast MAC Address Count:                    68
Total Multicast MAC Addresses Available:        16384

Furthermore i`ve checked if the network is unstable with many Topology Changes Notification. But this is not the case.

I used show spanning-tree detail | inc ieee|occurr|from|is exec and the latest TCN is from yesterday. There was indeed a Change, so this is normal behaviour.


What can i do next?

What could be the the reason for "Host Learning" ? According to Management the CPU suddenly increased from 20% to 93%!



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Cisco Employee


Try debuging and enable mac move notificiation and check for the result.

Also if you seeing TCN findout from were exactly its happening.


Hm, the document you posted

Hm, the document you posted seems to be for an 3750 Switch, but this is a 4500!?

Regarding "mac move notification": Is this a CPU intensive Feature, or are there any other risk by enabling this feature?




Hey,The document will work


The document will work with 4500 as well. Regarding mac-move you may turn it on, there are no risks enabling in this feature. You may also collect the SPAN of Host Learning queue:





The mac-move feature doesn't

The mac-move feature doesn't shows any entries. I expected to see many entries, because the Host Learning queue still shows an 1 hour average of 3819!


Regarding SPAN i don't have a SPAN Destination port at the moment.

Another question: There are two Core-Switches and some distribution switches are connected to each of the Core-Switch. On the trunks between the core-Switches and Distribution-Switches there are only some vlan allowed via "trunk allowed vlan".

Furthermore i can see that there are different spanning-tree root bridges for the same VLAN, e.g. if a VLAN is not allowed to a Distribution Switch, this Switch will be the root instead of the desired first Core-Switch. Is this a normal behaviour?

Must the trunk allowed configuration match on the link between core- and Distribution Switch?



Hey,If we dont have SPAN


If we dont have SPAN destination port you may use the built in sniffer capture to check the packet hitting the CPU; last option in that link:

Regarding your query on spanning tree root bridges - There should be only one root bridge per vlan.

And allowed vlan on trunks - It should be same across the core and distribution links, check the logical topology for one or two vlans for better understanding.





Hello,i`ve done "debug


i`ve done "debug platform packet all receive buffer" but the output is unexpected, because i expected to see the Event "Host Learning"!?

There`re many Packets displayed from the same Interface/RxVlan and Destination IP, but the Event is "SA Miss"! The Source-IP is always different out of our network. SrcMac is from the SVI this switch uses in that VLAN, dst Mac and DST-IP is unknown to me (It's not used)

What does that mean?

Is that normal behaviour that the Device is arping the dst-IP int this vlan, but nobody answers?


How can i interpret the data from the debug any further?




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