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4506-E & Supervisor compatibility

I have been experiencing recurrent problems on a 4506-E switch lately : sometimes a self-reboot, sometimes a complete freeze. The frequency is about one every other day.

According to the data I have managed to gather after those crashes, the problem seems to be linked to the Supervisor IV engine. So I have opened a case at Cisco and have it replaced today. But no luck apparently : I have got a crash this evening.

I use four 4506-E with the same Supervisor IV, and this one is the only one which is concerned by this problem. And the only specificity I can see is the Rom Monitor version : 12.2(20r)EW1 for this switch, 12.2(31r)SGA1 for the 3 others.

So here is what I am wondering : could it be some incompatibility between the old Rom Monitor version and the 4506-E chassis ? I have looked into the specs for the 4506-E and the Supervisor IV but found no significant information...

Thanks in advance.


   The rommon version is generally tied the IOS software version .Check the release notes for whatever version you are running , as long as your rommon version is at or above what they reccomend  it should be ok .  If you are running a real old version then you might want to consider upgrading the IOS version .

Thanks for your help, Glen.

In the "Release Note for the Catalyst 4500 Series Switch, Cisco IOS Releases 12.2(54)SG to 12.2(25)SG" document, I found a chart "Chassis and Supervisor Compatiblity" (attached below) that indicates : WS-C4506-E + SUP IV --> Minimum : 12.2(31)SGA6 / Recommended: 12.2(31)SGA8.

My version of IOS is OK (12.2.53-SG3) but I could not find any explicit requirement about the RomMon version... but since the download center offers only the 12.2(31r) branch for 4506-E switches, I guess that I have to do this RomMon upgrade.

If this solves the problem, there will remain one question : if this is a software compability issue, why in hell has this switch run without a hitch for 3 whole months and then started to crash so often ? Devices can be so strange, sometimes...