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4506E Core and 2960S Access Switches IP Camera System


Hello All

I'm implementing my first Cisco network and needed a little guidance. Here's the scenario and how I would like for it to function:

  • 2960S access switches will have PoE IP cameras and POS stations connected to them with fiber uplinks to core.
  • 4506E core switch will have all access switches connected to Fiber SFP uplink ports. All fiber cables are Single Mode with LC connectors.
  • All PoE IP cameras and one NIC from camera server will be on network and on default Vlan 1.
  • All end user computers and one NIC from camera server will be on network and on Vlan 2. Vlan 2 is only needed on core switch.
  • All POS stations and standalone POS server will be on network and on Vlan 3 on both access and core switch.

  • This will be a completely closed network, no internet access.
  • End user computers will access video unicast from server with raids.
  • All switches interconnect using fiber SFP 1GB transceivers.
  • Vlans do not have to communicate with eachother, just need Vlan 1 and 3 to be uplinked to core switch. This will involve setting ports as switchport mode trunk correct?
  • I gave all devices on networks static IP's, except for IP cameras which will obtain IP from DHCP.
  • When I plug in a PoE 15.4 watt camera, is the port set to auto detect by default so it powers up camera or do I manually enable PoE on port?

- I have to run DHCP on core switch, only on network default Vlan 1 so my IP cameras can obtain an IP.

ip dhcp pool cameras



- On the PoE IP camera and POS station ports I'm thinking of configuring the following:

switchport mode access

spanning-tree portfast

Let me know what you guys think. I have a few weeks before these have to go to production. Any help and direction will be greatly appreciated!

I will be checking thread periodically and posting updates.