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4506E Core and 2960S Access Switches IP Camera System


Hello All

I'm implementing my first Cisco network and needed a little guidance. Here's the scenario and how I would like for it to function:

  • 2960S access switches will have PoE IP cameras and POS stations connected to them with fiber uplinks to core.
  • 4506E core switch will have all access switches connected to Fiber SFP uplink ports. All fiber cables are Single Mode with LC connectors.
  • All PoE IP cameras and one NIC from camera server will be on network and on default Vlan 1.
  • All end user computers and one NIC from camera server will be on network and on Vlan 2. Vlan 2 is only needed on core switch.
  • All POS stations and standalone POS server will be on network and on Vlan 3 on both access and core switch.

  • This will be a completely closed network, no internet access.
  • End user computers will access video unicast from server with raids.
  • All switches interconnect using fiber SFP 1GB transceivers.
  • Vlans do not have to communicate with eachother, just need Vlan 1 and 3 to be uplinked to core switch. This will involve setting ports as switchport mode trunk correct?
  • I gave all devices on networks static IP's, except for IP cameras which will obtain IP from DHCP.
  • When I plug in a PoE 15.4 watt camera, is the port set to auto detect by default so it powers up camera or do I manually enable PoE on port?

- I have to run DHCP on core switch, only on network default Vlan 1 so my IP cameras can obtain an IP.

ip dhcp pool cameras



- On the PoE IP camera and POS station ports I'm thinking of configuring the following:

switchport mode access

spanning-tree portfast

Let me know what you guys think. I have a few weeks before these have to go to production. Any help and direction will be greatly appreciated!

I will be checking thread periodically and posting updates.

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Cool thanks.

Do I need to type a command for lease length on dhcp scope?

Create the DHCP scope for vlan 1:

Ip dhcp pool CAMERAS



You can configure the lease like this:

Router(dhcp-config)# lease {days [hours][minutes] | infinite}

Sorry I forgot to mention this before

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No worries I had researched that and here is the commands I'm thinking of implementing.

ip dhcp pool CAMERAS



lease infinite



If you have ample address space then I guess its okay to use infinite lease time, but personally I wouldn't use this option myself.

Reason being, there may in the future, come a time where all the addresses have been given out and you wont have any more addresses left to give out from your pool!

This will be because your addresses have been permanently given out and you will not get this ip address back in your pool if the device was to go offline.

Since camera's dont move around a lot (assuming they will be pretty static), I'd probably configure a lease time of around 30 days.

But of course this is just my view on this subject, but you do have options

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I have 4094 host and I'm only going to be using approximately 475 IP addresses, I think that'll be okay.

What happens to the assigned addresses if I create a lease time of 30 days and that time period ends?


If you have a lease time of 30 days, your hosts (camera's) will renew their IP address every 30 days. Hosts normally request to keep their IP addresses if it's available and the DHCP gives the same IP in that case. This way you have more control on giving out addresses.

Hope this helps.

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