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Kelvin Willacey

4507 with SUP7-E Licensing

Hi all, can anyone explain applying for a license for a SUP7-E because I can't seem to find anything and Cisco's licensing team can't seem to explain.

I have a 4507 with two SUP7-E, both supervisors came with a PAK code for an IP Base license. I applied for the license using the serial numbers of the supervisors. However when I try to install the license I get the following error:

bootflash:cat1504l0yg_20110528102302308.licInstalling licenses from "bootflash:cat1504l0yg_20110528102302308.lic"Installing...Feature:ipbase...Failed:Specified UDI not found% Error: License installation failed with error: Specified UDI not found

So I did a show license UDI and got the following output:

Exec-WS-4507E#sh lice udiDevice#   PID                 SN              UDI-----------------------------------------------------------------------------*0        WS-C4507R+E         FOX1509HA2M     WS-C4507R+E:FOX1509HA2M

I then proceeded to open a case asking what the issue was but all they did was provide me with a license using the serial number for the chassis and one of the PAK codes I gave them. I am trying to understand why I have two PAK codes which came in the box with each supervisor if I am to use the chassis serial number to apply for the license. Can anyone explain this to me. I would really appreciate it.

Kelvin Willacey

I don't know why the output came out like that, please see below:

Installing licenses from "bootflash:cat1504l0yg_20110528102302308.lic"
Installing...Feature:ipbase...Failed:Specified UDI not found

Device#   PID                 SN              UDI
*0        WS-C4507R+E         FOX1509HA2M     WS-C4507R+E:FOX1509HA2M

Bump... Anybody?


Supervisor Engine 7-E will ship with a universal image containing all feature sets: LAN Base, IP Base, and Enterprise Services. The level of functionality is determined by the license applied.i guess here you have the IP Base License PAK...

Since you already have the PAK ,you may obtain the software license key by visiting  Software License Registration page on

Please refer,,,



kyle woodhouse


4500X, WS-X45-SUP7L-E, WS-X45-SUP7-E and the new SUP8 licenses used to be one license per chassis and the license was tied to the serial number of the chassis.  Recently Cisco changed some policies on licensing with the latest software update and as of IOS XE 3.4.xSG and later the licenses are now Right to Use (RTU).  This means you wont have to go through the painful PAK activation process and tie the PAK to the serial number of the chassis and then apply the license to the chassis etc.  But you do have to be running the new IOS version for this to work.

"Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.4.2SG introduces the Permanent Right-to-Use (PRTU) license feature."

This is brand new so if anyone gets a chance to test it out please update us.  Thanks!