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4510: Sup-6E in redundant configuration

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Dear friends,

There is a 4510-RE switch with dual sup Sup 6-E.

The code running is 12.2(53)SG.

Is it possible to use both the TenG uplinks on the first sup and all the 1G uplinks on the second sup?

Both the sup's are running in SSO mode.

In one document, i read there is a limitation on supervisors running in SSO mode that only Ten 1/1 and Ten 2/1 only can be used or Gig 1/3,1/4, Gig 2/3, Gig 2/4 can only be used.

In another document, i read that the command hw-module uplink mode  shared-backplane can be used to activate all the uplinks.

Anyways, can anyone tell me if i can use both the TenG ports on 1st sup and 1G ports on the second sup?

Thanks a lot


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Edison Ortiz
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Hall of Fame

They must be the same on both Supervisors

Per the documentation:

With Cisco IOS Release 12.2(40)SG, you can deploy

(1) all 4 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports,

(2) 2 blocking ports on an active supervisor engine and 2 blocking ports on the standby supervisor engine, or

(3) all 8 Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports, 4 on the active supervisor and 4 on the standby supervisor engine

Thanks a lot Edison.

How about a configuration whereby

1. the primary supervisor contains 2 10G ports and the standby supervisor contains 4 1G ports? Is it possible?


2. 1 10G port on primary supervisor + 2 1G ports on primary supervisor


      1 10G port on secondary supervisor + 2 1G ports on secondary  supervisor

Thanks a lot


From the same documentation:

In a Supervisor Engine 6-E system, the ports are connected to the switching engine through a stub ASIC. This stub ASIC imposes some limitations on the ports: Gig and 10 Gig ports cannot be mixed on a single stub ASIC; they must either be all 10 Gig (X2), or all Gig (TwinGig Converter and SFP). The faceplates of X2 modules show this stub port grouping, either with actual physical grouping with a box drawn around a grouping.

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Thanks a lot Edison. I read this link earlier but was still not clear.

Does it mean that primary supervisor can contain both 10G ports and standby supervisor all 4 1G ports?

As I stated earlier, they must be identical.

Dear Edison,

I entered the command hw-module uplink mode shared-backplane and rebooted the switch and i was able to use both 10G ports on primary supervisor (slot 5) and 1G ports on standby supervisor (slot 6).

So, it does not appear that i need to use 10G ports ONLY on both supervisors or 1G ports ONLY on both supervisors.

I am able to mix 10G / 1G as long as they are identical on EACH supervisor.

When i said show hw-module module 5 port-group or hw-module module 6 port-group, it now shows only 1 port-group. Prior to using the hw-module uplink mode shared-backplane command, i was able to see 2 port groups.

Thanks a lot


Hi Gautam,

so are you able to get a 1 gig and a 10g working in one sup engine? I can't. I have a 4510 with SUP6E engines. I applied the hw-module uplink mode shared-backplane command, reboot the switch, now I only see 1 port group per sup engine. I can only do either or, not both. If I want to get the 1 gig working, then can't use the 10gig. I can get the 10 gig working, but doing so would make the 1 gig inactive. So it looks it is either or, not both.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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