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4948 or 4948E based on Show outputs

Hi Guys,

I have 4948 switch but i am unaable to determine its 4948E or Just 4948 as there is some confusion between BOQ and actual delivered material. In Boq its mentioned 4948E but as per switch show commands output its looks like just 4948.

I need to run EVN features on it but it supports only on 4948E and 4900M switch but not on just 4948

please look at the below show outputs.

In addition is this image is fine to support EVN feature as Cisco feature tool is still not update for 4500 switch.

Switch#sh module

Chassis Type : WS-C4948

Power consumed by backplane : 0 Watts

Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.


1    48  1000BaseX (SFP) Supervisor             WS-C4948           FOX1419G0B6

M MAC addresses                    Hw  Fw           Sw               Status


1 c471.fe68.9c00 to c471.fe68.9c2f 1.8 12.2(31r)SGA 15.0(2)SG4       Ok      

System Failures:


Power Supply:   bad/off (see 'show power')

Switch#sh inven

Switch#sh inventory

NAME: "Switch System", DESCR: "Cisco Systems, Inc. WS-C4948 1 slot switch "

PID:                   , VID:      , SN: FOX1419G0B6

NAME: "Linecard(slot 1)", DESCR: "10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45), 1000BaseX (SFP) Supervisor with 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports and 4 1000BASE-"

PID: WS-C4948          , VID: V09  , SN: FOX1419G0B6

NAME: "Power Supply 1", DESCR: "Power Supply ( AC 300W )"

PID: PWR-C49-300AC     , VID:      , SN: QCS1443B1XR

NAME: "Power Supply 2", DESCR: "Power Supply ( AC 300W )"

PID: PWR-C49-300AC     , VID:      , SN: QCS1443B1X5

Switch#sh ver

Switch#sh version

Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500-ENTSERVICES-M), Version 15.0(2)SG4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Technical Support:

Copyright (c) 1986-2012 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Mon 19-Mar-12 15:31 by prod_rel_team

Image text-base: 0x10000000, data-base: 0x121AB880

ROM: 12.2(31r)SGA2

Dagobah Revision 226, Swamp Revision 5

Switch uptime is 3 hours, 13 minutes

System returned to ROM by reload

System image file is "bootflash:cat4500-entservices-mz.150-2.SG4.bin"

cisco WS-C4948 (MPC8245) processor (revision 0) with 262144K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID FOX1419G0B6

MPC8245 CPU at 266Mhz, Fixed Module

Last reset from Reload

1 Virtual Ethernet interface

48 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

511K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

Configuration register is 0x2102

Switch#sh idprom supervisor

Supervisor 1 Idprom :

Common Block Signature = 0xabab

Common Block Version = 1

Common Block Length = 144

Common Block Checksum = 3008

Idprom Size = 256

Block Count = 4

FRU Major Type = 0x4101

FRU Minor Type = 356

OEM String = Cisco

Product Number = WS-C4948

Serial Number = FOX1419G0B6

Part Number = 73-9130-12

Part Revision = A0

Manufacturing Deviation String = 0

Hardware Revision = 1.8

Manufacturing Bits = 0x0000

Engineering Bits = 0x0000

Snmp OID =

Power Consumption = 0

RMA Failure Code = 0 0 0 0

Supervisor Block Signature = 0x4101

Supervisor Block Version = 1

Supervisor Block Length = 24

Supervisor Block Checksum = 1091

Feature Bits = 0x0000000000000000

Card Feature Index = 113

MAC Base = c471.fe68.9c00

MAC Count = 64

Clei Block Signature = 0x4601

Clei Block Version = 1

Clei Block Length = 22

Clei Block Checksum = 952

Clei code string = COM2P10ARF

Version ID string = V09

SecSerialNum Block Signature = 0x4602

SecSerialNum Block Version = 1

SecSerialNum Block Length = 26

SecSerialNum Block Checksum = 791

SecSerialNum string = JAE14520EJY




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Re: 4948 or 4948E based on Show outputs


Have a look at table-1 in this link


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4948 or 4948E based on Show outputs


Judging from the outputs posted my view is that your box is NOT Cat4948E switch. For that type the switch should be identified as WS-C4948E model. In the "sh ver" output you should see WS-4948E (MPC8548) ... Also the PSU units for the 4948E type are identified as PWR-C49E-300AC-R. Also the IOS file at your version should read cat4500e-entservices-mz.150-2.SG4.bin for the 4948E unit and the minimum ROMMON release should be  12.2(44r)SG8 while your is 12.2(31r)SGA2.

Finally I do hope you are referring to WS-4948E box and NOT WS-4948-E which would be a different story.

Best regards,


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