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4948 Switch


unable to telnet to 4948 switch from a routed network

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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Venoy,

can you ping the 4948 management ip address ?

if you cannot ping it, a default gateway can be missing on it.

if you can ping it but telnet access is not possible it is possible that a filter is configured under the line vty to allow telnet only from specific ip addresses/subnets

something like

line vty 0 15

access-class 11 in

access-list 11 permit

this allows telnet only from

third option: the device allows only ssh sessions and not telnet.

Hope to help


Hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for your reply.

I am able to ping the device and also telnet the device locally.

There is no filter configured on the vty.

The default gateway is also set.

But i ma not able to access the swith either ping or telnet from a routed network.


Can you ping the default-gateway from the switch ?

If you have no filters and you can ping/telnet locally then it is a routing issue. What is the default-gateway device and

1) does it have a route back to your source IP address that you are trying to telnet to

2) could you post ouput of a traeroute from your PC to the switch


Check if you address is Nated through the network.

Also check tht telnet is filtered accross dhe network


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