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6500 LAN to WAN QoS Handoff - Egress Remarking

Alright... I have QoS Deployed and working on my LAN, ingress marking everything appropriately at the edge (3750 stacks), and The core is trusting ingress traffic from the edge.  What I have not yet figured out is how to get my traffic re-marked to match my WAN QoS policy.  Effectively I want to restrict Marking of Video Traffic to a specific Video Conference system or group of Video Conference Systems (either based on MAC/Current Marking, or IP/Port matching so that only specific systems get QoS on the WAN (basically if they purchase QoS for a specific Unit).

I have 2 site models:

Main Facilities

Cisco 6509 Core Switches, with Sup720's, with WS-X6748-SFP and WS-X6748-GE-TX blades running Modular IOS. Handing off to the Service Providers CE Router on a .1q trunk from the GE-TX blade.

Satelite Facilities

Cisco 3750 switch stack, running IOS, and handing off L3 routed interface to the Service Providers CE Router.

Any one have any ideas/recommendations.

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Re: 6500 LAN to WAN QoS Handoff - Egress Remarking


It appears you will need to remark the traffic on egress using a service policy. The 3750 does not support egress policing and on the 6500, it is restricted to L3 interfaces or SVIs only.


PFC QoS supports the output keyword only with a PFC3 and only on Layer 3 interfaces (either LAN ports configured as Layer 3 interfaces or VLAN interfaces). With a PFC3, you can attach both an input and an output policy map to a Layer 3 interface.

You may want to open a service request at this point to see what else can be done.

There is a link now from the community to open a TAC case.

Hope this helps.


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