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802.1x login issue

Level 1
Level 1

I have configured one system with 802.1x but now i am facing the issue like, if any new user login into the system during the time one error is showing " domain services unavailable". please help me with your suggestion what need to be configured for avoiding it.

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Level 4
Level 4

what authenticating server are you using also kindly elaborate your scenario using some time this happen due to wrong DNS configuration also.


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Actually I have configured dot1x on switch and it is authenticating with the radius server which has been activated on the ACS 5.4. In my existing sceniario everything is working properly but when new domain user login into the system than one error is shwoing "domain server is not available".

Reason for Domain server not available:- Actually when new user login into the system it is not communicating with the AD server due to 802.1x. Please let me know what should be configured on system or switch where both authentication can be happened at a time.



It would be grt help to me if the issue can be resolved...


Please suggest me..

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