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access vlan over routed link outside vlan


one of the vlan (vlan 20 ) is in one 4507 switch with ip address and all vlans are routed but one link is via no switchport with ip address to different switch and devices (3560 and ASA5520) and to different network but there one of the client need to access the vlan 20, i have done static route with mask and gateway but the problem is that vlan 20 access member in vtp domain can not access that client(vlan 20) and vise-versa but other then "vlan 20 member" all other vlans (vlan 10,vlan 30 vlan 40, ...........vlan 50....etc ..) access members and outside networks are connected to the client as i make the static route with mask and gateway at that client location;

please help me out soon.

k b choudhury



I think you need to clarify your question a bit more - maybe post some of the configuration files.



Thank you for the attention but i can not disclose the actual IP address as per restriction and policy the fact required to resolve my problem follows as:

networks are IP X.X.X.X, A.A.A.A , B.B.B.B , C.C.C.C , .........with  VLAN 20 , VLAN 30 , VLAN 40 , ............. etc.respectively  in SW4507 and IP routing is enabled. VTP domain is working over large number of distibution SW and access SW.

one network IP is Y.Y.Y.Y INT GI 6/22 in SW 4507 is connected to SW3560 with native VLAN 1 and IP is Y.Y.Y.Y

SW 3560  is connected to many switches and eqipments as (2970, 3570 , 7513, Nortel Multi Service Switches7840, ATM, STM 4,  checkpoint , proxy, , server farms etc.)

SW 3560 is connected to  CISCO ASA 5520 with IP Y.Y.Y.Y INT GI 0/0 ,

ASA 5520 with IP Y.Y.Y.Y INT GI 0/0 , Z.Z.Z.Z INT GI 0/1 , X.X.X.X INT GI 0/3 and IP routing is enabled and for testing all IP traffic are permitted

one client with ip address network X.X.X.X is connected to INT  GI 0/3 of ASA 5520

now that client is capable to communicate all VLANS (30, 40 , 50 ....etc) and any outside , remote location over any  physical location on WAN link but can not communicate to access member of same vlan 20. which are connected to access SW in the large span of switches in the VTP domain of SW4507, each network can access all network over any location , all networks are routed , no latency , no delay, administrating a very high quality network for LAN , MAN , WAN.

static routing is done in all switches and for that client static routing with mask is done.

i can not change or add any cable (UTP/OFC) due to "building to building cabling"  is another project over earlier.

Please help me out

kb choudhury

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