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Advantages of 9600 Dual Supervisor

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Frequent Contributor

With two 9600 chassis both using a single Sup compared to using dual Sup, what are the advantages?

I mean with a single Sup, if one Sup unit fails, the other chassis takes over, correct?

Is the forklift upgrade/reboot time the main advantage then where you upgrade the standby Sup on both chassis then cutover/swap roles for only a few seconds of downtime?

Two Sups is quite expensive. There must be some compelling reasons to justify costs. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Accepted Solutions

Joseph W. Doherty
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The principle advantage of have dual sups in a VSS/StackWise pair is with single sups (per chassis) if you lose a sup you lose half your capacity until a failed sup is replaced.

"Two Sups is quite expensive."

Yup, but there is a "third" option.  Have one chassis with single sup, other with dual sups.  If sup fails in latter, no outage.  If sup fails in former, move standby sup from dual sup chassis to replaced failed sup in single sup chassis (i.e. failure time in minutes).

"There must be some compelling reasons to justify costs."

True, but same question and answers might apply to why you chose to use a 9606 pair.  For example, a 9410 would provide the same number of line card slots, i.e. possible less expensive than a pair of 9606s.  So, if 9410 less expensive, I suspect you had reasons to justify the extra cost for a 9606 pair.

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