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An amazing experience in Switching

Hi friends

I had an amazing experience in last week. I have a access switch (2960) with 24 fastethernet and 2 gig for uplink and a core switch (3750) with gig_ports. I connected gig_ ports on core and access switch and also some client on access switch include cameras and phones and some PCs on core switch. after some times I found a problem. disconnection between PCs and phone or cameras!!! when I tested an extended ping I saw some disconnection there!! of course I solved that... I connected fastethernet port on access switch to gig_port on core switch and now life is good... But I can't analyze what's heppened?!!!

Do you have any ideas?

Sorry for my english :)


Thanks for attention


Re: An amazing experience in Switching

It's hard to determine the actual problem considering it is fixed.  Normally, we ask for configuration and output of your interfaces but considering it is solved.  We have limited options to diagnose past event.  Based on my experience, I have experienced problems such as half-duplex, crossover cable, faulty switch port, faulty cable, misconfigured switchports and/or software bug.  


Re: An amazing experience in Switching

Hi @joseph.h.nguyen 
Thanks for your idea... I checked all of them (your ideas) axcept software bug. maybe your right!


Re: An amazing experience in Switching

Hi @ITactive ,


Maybe if you share the configurations of your devices we could look for some detail that has generated the connection problem.




Re: An amazing experience in Switching

Hi @luis_cordova 
I tested some configuration for example controlling with STP (one port transfer 1 vlan and other port transfer other vlans - configuring with RSTP & PVST+ ) and I tested Aggregation , I tested normal configuration just with trunk! in all cases I had that problem. by the way I configured fastethernet port in normal situation with trunk mode! maybe the problem was software bug ( @joseph.h.nguyen says) :)

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