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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


Are 10GBASE X2 modules obsolete?

I'm mystified about Cisco's X2 modules. They're a little difficult to find. The direct route of searching for part numbers is actually not useful.

Here's the module list page:

Copy "X2-10GB-T", the copper 10-gigabit module, and paste that into The Google, click on Shopping links:

No results at all. What? Why?

If I go searching for it on big name brand websites like CDW, they all just say "Call for availability", which seems to suggest it's either obsolete or really hard to obtain for some unknown reason.


Also, I'm casually interested in finding out about the specs and price for the ultimate top of the line X2 module, the 80 kilometer "X2-10GB-ZR" fiber optic module, which is about as extreme as you can get for 10-gigabit distance support.

Search for "X2-10GB-ZR price" takes me to Amazon:

Which says "List price: $1,995, Actual price: $186, you save 91%!"

That's very very, very odd pricing for a Cisco product.


What's going on here? Is the whole X2 line end-of-life / obsolete, but it's not being stated clearly anywhere, that I can find?

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Re: Are 10GBASE X2 modules obsolete?

X2-10GB-T is not very popular, as most people use fiber for 10Gig connectivity.  There is also a new 16 port 10Gig cooper module that can be inserted into a 6500.

If you need to buy a X2-10GB-T here is one place you can get them.

As for the X2-10GB-ZR, this optic is around $2000 even in Ebay.

What devices are you trying to connect together?

Also note: that even though X2 optics are still out there and being used, they are slowly being replaced with SPF and SPF+ optics. Most newer Cisco products use SFP and SFP+ i.e 6800 series, Nexus, 4500X, etc...



A media converter may provide

A media converter may provide link between SFP+ and 10GBASE-T as


SFP+ 10GBASE-T Direct Attach Meia Converter

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