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ASR 9000 MAC Limiting on Bridge Domain Access Circuit

Hey guys,


I've been running into an issue and wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem. I have an ASR 9006 running IOS XR 5.3.3 in my lab and I've created a test bridge domain. Within that bridge domain, under the access circuit, I've configured a mac limit of 50 with the 'no flood' action. When this limit is hit, mac address learning is disabled as expected, but the problem is that its never re-enabled. If i stop all traffic on that interface, the mac learning remains disabled indefinitely until I change the configuration to either remove mac limiting or change the action to none. I would like to think that at some point it it would back off and re-enable mac learning after seeing that the mac address count has dropped below the threshold. Any ideas?


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:LAB-ASR9006-01#sho l2vpn bridge-domain bd-name 9 det


  AC: GigabitEthernet0/2/0/9.300, state is up
      Type VLAN; Num Ranges: 1
      VLAN ranges: [300, 300]
      MTU 8986; XC ID 0x208000c; interworking none
      MAC learning: disabled (MAC-limit action)
        Broadcast & Multicast: enabled
        Unknown unicast: disabled (MAC-limit action)
      MAC aging time: 300 s, Type: inactivity
      MAC limit: 50, Action: limit, no-flood, Notification: syslog
      MAC limit reached: yes
      MAC port down flush: enabled
      MAC Secure: disabled, Logging: disabled
      Split Horizon Group: none
      Dynamic ARP Inspection: disabled, Logging: disabled
      IP Source Guard: disabled, Logging: disabled
      DHCPv4 snooping: disabled
      IGMP Snooping: enabled
      IGMP Snooping profile: none
      MLD Snooping profile: none
      Storm Control: bridge-domain policer
      Static MAC addresses:
        packets: received 1437063 (multicast 189407949, broadcast 44127, unknown unicast 0, unicast 0), sent 18
        bytes: received 301982330 (multicast 40280180924, broadcast 3293496, unknown unicast 0, unicast 0), sent 1008
        MAC move: 0
      Storm control drop counters:
        packets: broadcast 0, multicast 0, unknown unicast 0
        bytes: broadcast 0, multicast 0, unknown unicast 0
      Dynamic ARP inspection drop counters:
        packets: 0, bytes: 0
      IP source guard drop counters:
        packets: 0, bytes: 0


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:LAB-ASR9006-01#sho run l2vpn bridge group 9
Mon Feb 5 06:23:53.371 EST
bridge group 9
bridge-domain 9
time 300
withdraw state-down
mtu 9000
interface GigabitEthernet0/2/0/9.300
maximum 50
action no-flood
notification syslog
vfi 9
vpn-id 9
autodiscovery bgp
rd auto
route-target 9:9
neighbor pw-id 91
neighbor pw-id 91
routed interface BVI9

 RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:LAB-ASR9006-01#sho l2vpn forwarding bridge-domain 9:9 loc 0/2/CPU0
Mon Feb  5 06:29:21.345 EST
                                 Bridge       MAC
Bridge-Domain Name               ID     Ports addr    Flooding Learning State    
-------------------------------- ------ ----- ------- -------- -------- ---------
9:9                              0      4     0       Enabled  Enabled  UP       



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