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ASR920 as L2 Switch, and much needed network advice.

So i have an idea for a network i am working on doing in the next few months for an event. In the past I have honestly not had the funds to get new or high end network gear and I've been getting by with Ubiquiti Edge routers and Mikrotik switches running a very basic Switch0S. I am getting a few new things but I cant really go all out yet so just point that out. I will be trying to get an ASR920 24 port SFP with 4 SFP+ ports. (I know its a router but thats what Im going to have to get) Also what I've been getting away with doing these event are the edge routers and even a DYI Pfsense box that is really easy to use and it is powerful. 4 core 8CPU with 32 gigs or ram to handle the dhcp leases and all the states from all the clients. My go to switch for all the edge areas have been the 48 port cisco 2960s. I will be getting more then 2 gigs from the Provider more then likely on a 10 interface. Ive been reading that the ASR920 does not running on IOS and that is really what I've become more comfortable with. 

The help or assistant I'm looking for is the following. 

How bad is the network design in the follow diagram.? lol I know its not ideal but i haven't had access or funds to real equipment. I guess for the purposes of this post Im more concerned on port configs between trunking interfaces on the ASR920 to the 2960s. The proper config for a port channel (src-dest-mac or IP?) and if there should be any other things to think about on the 10 gig interfaces. Someone in another one of my post said that have 10 gig interfaces on 2960 without QOS is asking for trouble. 


**Also one thing i forgot to mention that just hit me, From those smaller edge routers I only have one sfp port, so I might need to use copper sfps for that connection to the ASR--If that is really un-recommended that I was wondering about getting the 2960s with the 2 tengig sfp ports. Or looking for a newer then the ones I've been use, Admittedly it will still not be the newest switch, )Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48TD-L, 2 x 10G SFP+)**

Really appreciate the feed back, just to step my game up. 

(only the red lines are 10gig links all other links are 1 gig)

Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 9.14.11 PM.png