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Assigning a public ip to one of the LAN PCs with an EPC3925



I am trying to run a game server and the problem with it is that when it starts, it announces itself with one of the internal LAN IPs ( and the ping won't show. How do I get it to announce itself with my public IP?



Jeff Van Houten


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Thought so, but how should I go about doing this with an EPC3925, since there seems to be no such options in the control panel or the manual?

By the way, this is a solution for the problem posted by some other person. What should my course of action be with an EPC3925? Thanks.

OK... i have figured this out.  Sorry for those that may find this elementry.  But it was a lot of trial and error (and google'ing) to find out what was going on.  This is for the other guys who have also posted here with this problem.

I tried port forwards as stated above, and also configured a 1:1 NAT in an effort to get the ping showing in game browser.  I eventually began to believe that it was NAT that was causing the problem, and configured my linux firewall with a transparent bridged filter.  This meant that i could assign one of my public IP addresses to the NIC on the server.  So when the server starts up and lists its IP it is a public IP and not an LAN and not

If you dont have a public IP on the NIC of the server that is running the game then the ping with apear as N/A in the game browser.  I have fixed our server and it is displaying fine now.  Hope someone else finds this helpful.

Sorry, I assumed a different device. Using that alone, it looks like you're out of luck.

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What device do I need? Would a WRT54G2 do? Can it be done with a softmod of some sort?

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