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Cory Murphy

Audio Video Bridging on Cisco Switches

Hi All,

       I'm looking to implement AVB (IEEE 802.1AS, 802.1Qav, 802.1Qat and 802.1BA) on Cisco switches. I've searched on these forums, Cisco's website and google for any information there might be about AVB support on any Cisco switches. The closest I've come to finding information is some slides that state plans for AVB implementation on some blades for the 4500E series switches there are some other features from the same slides that have been implemented but there is no word on AVB implementation. Has anyone else heard anything about the implementation of Audio Video Bridging?

Wiki Page for AVB

Thanks in advance,


Jose Solano


Catalyst 4500E is expected to be hardware-capable of supporting AVB by late calendar year 2013. Other switches, e.g. Catalyst 3k, other 4k series and 6500, only mentioned AVVID support, nothing about AVB.


AVB is supported on select models from the 3650 and 3850 families.  See here for more info:


It's interesting everything I read online and in the forums says, "late 2013." Well it's mid-2014 and still no word on AVB switches. I have found 1 AVB swtich from another company that doesn't have the market standing that Cisco does. They don't have a bad rap, but they definitely aren't a "Cisco," but they definitely beat Cisco to the punch. 

When will we have an answer on this from Cisco. I have my local area rep coming in this afternoon. Maybe he knows something that the powers at be on the forums don't. 

Anyways, it's interesting that there is still no response from Cisco on their own forum.

I also find it interesting that Cisco is a member of AVnu, who works to promote the adoption of AVB. We have a major project coming up in 2015/2016 and the integrators want to use Extreme Networks. I highly prefer Cisco due to the massive amount of training and community support that's available, but I may not be able to make a compelling case if they do not support the AVB standard.

Even in 2019, we tried to get AVB working properly on the 9300 series switches, but had issues, and had to implement Extreme switches to solve our issues.   Obviously not ideal, but they worked.  There's still some bugs and limitations in the Cisco implementation of AVB, so at the moment, it's still best to go with something else until these Cisco issues can be ironed out and successfully proven to work reliably.

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