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Auto-Qos and IOS upgrades


I'm in the following situation :

   - Users switches 3760, IOS : 122-55.SE1 with Cisco Phones connected.

   - Core switches : stack of 3750, IOS : 122-55.SE1

As I had to physically move the 3750's stacks, I removed few 3750s from the stacks to build new stacks to be able to do a progressive migration.

I took this opportunity to upgrade the "new" stack to IOS 122-58.SE2.

So far, QoS is not enabled on the new stacks but soon, I need to move the users switches on them.

Of course, I can't upgrade all switches at the same time, so I'll have to live with switches running different IOS versions.

Eventually, I'll upgrade all of them, of course, but it will take some time.

Therefore, I'm wondering what I should do with QoS.

As auto-Qos parameters are quiet different from 12.2.55-SE1 and 12.2.58-SE2, what would be the best way to proceed ?

   1) Do not use auto-qos on the new stacks and apply the existing parameters from the "old" stacks and users switches (still in 12.2.55-SE1)

   2) Use auto-qos on the new stacks and apply these new parameters on the "old" stacks and users switches

   3) Use auto-qos on the new stacks and leave the param as they are on the "old" stacks and user switches

thanks for your answers and recommandations.



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