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Automate port shutdown based on downtime??

Hey!  So currently part my tasks at my job is to shutdown ports on switches on my network that have been down for 15 days.   My team gets a spreadsheet once a week that lists of ports that have been down for 15 days and lists their Switchname, Port, Port downtime, and Description.


I then log into each one and manually shut down each ports and change the description to Available.... I have to assume there has to be a way to automate this right??  Seems way too manual. 


Is there a way to configure switches to automatically shut the port after a certain amount of down time?  Or a way I could use the spreadsheet info I currently get and run a script against that?   

If anyone has any ideas or just point me in the direction I might be able to figure this out on my own with a little research, I'm all ears!  Thanks in advance!  Would be a HUGE help.  



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Re: Automate port shutdown based on downtime??



an EEM or TCL script that scans the interfaces and then shuts the ports should work. Which parameter on the interface do you currently use to determine that the interface has been down for 15 days ?

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Re: Automate port shutdown based on downtime??


In addition to what @Georg Pauwen said, if you're getting a speadsheet, you can automate it using a python script reading at your file and doing all the config automatically.

If the information you're getting are from a certain output in your switches, then you can go with a TCL script directly on each switch to avoid this speadsheet and shutdown automatically unused port.

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Re: Automate port shutdown based on downtime??

You can use switchmap to collect all information like; how long a port has been down, mac address, IP address, name, vlan, etc..

You can then use what Paul suggested to shut the unused ports.



Re: Automate port shutdown based on downtime??

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