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So I just inserted a new c9300 switch onto the network. Everything seems to be working fine. I am able to ssh into the switch not having such luck with RADIUS. I am getting a Audit Success in the Security log of the server, but I get the following me...

abarb002 by Level 1
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When power is supplied to this 3560 switch the RPS LED blinks green about twice each second. None of the other LEDs ever light up. Switch ports and console port to not appear to have any power. The switch arrived with no Remote Poeer Supply. 

dalemcc by Level 1
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for a school assignement we need to configure a network with multiple subnets in ospf and rip area'severything works but 1 problem remains for one subnetSubnet is build as followed:I have a switch with 4 hosts.2 hosts are in vlan 10 (fa0/10-11) , oth...

murphyva by Level 1
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Hello @All I was wondering if there is a possibility to find the partner port like it is possible when using pagp (please see below output) SW-1#sh pagp neighbor  Flags:  S - Device is sending Slow hello.  C - Device is in Consistent state.       A -...

Hi, My customer wants aruba switches but i want to recommend for cisco switches instead. Can someone please recommend the best cisco alternate for below aruba itemsSolution should equivalent and cost effective   Cisco 350x as alternate for Aruba 2930...