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Good Morning, I am looking to finalize my end of the course project in Cisco Packet Tracer where we created three VLANs and segmented the network so that only the computers in the appropriate VLANs could communicate. Additionally, the hosts can ping ...

Hi, I am looking at out "show mls qos int gig 1/0/12 statistics" and wonder if should be concerned about the outs in "  output queues dropped" at the bottom of output. There is qos enabled.  Q: how do I identify which packets getting dropped ? lookin...

Resolved! vtp pruning

(config-if)#switchport trunk pruning vlan 3-4 If the trunk port receives broadcast for vlan 3 or 4 and switch don't have these vlans configured in it, then the packet will be dropped. if trunk port receives for ex: vlan 2 broadcast, it will allow. Am...

Hello,I configured VLAN 1 (internal Network) to FastEthernet 1/8 (IP: I also configured NAT (from external to internal Now, I wanted to set the GigabitEthernet IP of the IE2000:  Switch(config-if)#inte...

MK1603 by Level 1
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I have a 2960x-48fpd-l running 15.2.2E3 connected to a 3702 AP. Port config pasted below. The AP is in local switching mode so all the clients get dropped off at the switch - hence the trunk and multiple vlans because of the various ssid's and radius...

Y C by Level 1
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Hi all, The Catalyst 9200L switches has a non-blocking architecture? I have found at documentations that Catalyst 9200 uses UADP 2.0 mini ASIC which has up 100G total bandwidth. https://community.cisco.com/t5/networking-blogs/uadp-the-powerhouse-of-c...

apereira3 by Level 1
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