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Cisco Catalyst 3560 LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN

we have a cisco router 2911 and 2 cisco catalyst 3650  the switch B is conected to siwtch A, and switch A is conected to Router, also we have a tp link 16 fastethernet, we have a survilliance system on our network, and we hve diferent kind of cameras...

Aquiles by Beginner
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Packetloss every 9 minutes 30 seconds

Hello.   Have anyone had issues with packetloss every 9 minutes 30 seconds?  Lasts about 10 seconds. Can be ok for a few hours and then it happens again. I figure it must be a spanning tree issue, but I can not make any sense of it. Example is: Asr90...

steinerik by Beginner
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Dual ISP connection and load balancing

We are having cisco 981f router and two isp connections. Both isp connections are connected in cisco router.  I would like configure the load balancing. Pl suggest and share the sample configuration.   WAN connections - 2  LAN - One Ip segment   rout...

arivuram16 by Beginner
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4500X IPv6 Multicasting

Hi we have two sites each have two 4500X in a VSS. These sites are connected via layer 2 trunks. We currently only run IPv4 over these two sites.Now we have a need to configure a VLAN to support IPv6 multicasting which needs to have MLD enabled and i...

ross_rulz by Beginner
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Cisco 2950 Switch with crypto IOS image reporting 1MB less Total memory than Switch with non-crypto IOS

Hey everyone, We're having an issue with a few of our Cisco C2950G-48-EI switches that are showing lower processor and I/O memory on versions running IOS 12.1(22)EA13 Crypto version (c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA13.bin). Our network management system k...


Hello, Hai...I have completed my CCNP in Oct 2006.I am working as Customer Support Engineer in an ISP in Delhi.But i am not getting any exposure to Networks.I am sure that I am not clear with my CCNP concepts also bz I have no exposure.How do i get r...

ack_cisco by Beginner
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3650 downgrade

I have a 3850 with 16.6.3 image and I would like to downgrade to 06.03.06 in INSTALL MODE. I was wondering how I can do that?    Step by step will be helpful.   3850#sho flash: -#- --length-- ---------date/time--------- path 2 2097152 Jun 08 2018 20:...

BigK by Beginner
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Ask the Expert: LAN Switching

With Matt BlanshardWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to ask your toughest layer 2 questions to two of the technical leaders of the San Jose LAN Switching team, Matt Blanshard. Learn more about ...

Loop free topology recommendations

I have the next topology in a three floor bulding: I have an access switch per floor. Building is part of a main campus with another building. The other building have the same topology. The L3 distribution switches of each building are linked to two...

building topology.JPG
pep87 by Beginner
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