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Hi all,We bought IE-4000-IE-8GT4G-E switch to make some TSN tests. This switch was delivered with 15.2.4 version. We decided to upgrade it to 15.2.7, therefore  we downloaded the  verison ie4000-universalk9_iox-tar.152-7.E.tar from cisco site.We inst...

kaboom by Level 1
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I have cisco nexus switches in vPC and they are connected to HP c7000 blade center switches and all my c7000 blade server has Linux Bridge is running, i believe something went wrong somewhere in Linux Bridge configuration which created loop and it bl...

So I have been reconfiguring a 4500x pair into VSS today and I have seen some configurations where the virtual link 1 and 2 port channels are shared between ports on each switch.  So port 1 on sw 1 and port 1 on sw 2 is part of a port-channel assigne...

Hi All, I need your expert advise on this one problem i have as of the moment. I have a 48port Core Switch 3750G on stacked. i have configured an active directory server with DHCP on it inside an ESXi host. I have added 2 VLANS 1) for Servers, 2) Use...

Hello,I've found myself in some trouble with configuring VRRP and a backup interface on a 1921 router. My LAN edge has two 1921 routers with VRRP configured between them. VRRP is configured to GigabitEthernet0/0.120 subinterface on both routers and c...

meepm33p1 by Level 1
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Resolved! L2vpn

Good day can anyone assist with pinging across the core MPLS domain an highlight the issue.

pel by Level 1
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Hi I wanted to set static ip for MERAKI AP's, I got this message for one address: % Address 10.x.x.x is not in the database.After limited search when i couldn't find the solution, I decided to use the next available IP 10.x.x.y, since it was automati...

momarm by Level 1
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Hi, I have quoted the switch "C9300-24P-A" ccw and then I have selected the following options.  C9300-DNA-P-24C9300-DNA-P-24-3Y with above selected option below mentioned options came automatically with each quantity of 25.ISE-BASE-TISE-PLS-T My ques...

Hoping you can help- I configured an sg220-50P - sub-net ip address, default gateway, added vlans, shipped it to site. When switch is patched into a stack of 4 SGE2000P switches, (Ethernet to Ethernet link lights light) I browse to the static IP of t...

jpratt003 by Level 1
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Hi all,I need your expertise regarding switches  : I'm looking for switches to create a redundant architecture in my company. I'm looking at every possibilities, and I am wondering if cisco small businness is a good choice. There is a huge price diff...