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I have 2 Cisco 2960G Switches being used in an "active , passive" configuration. the switches are connected via 4 port etherchannel on each switch  (total of 8) Recently there have been some logs showing there is some "flapping" going on.This is some...

VRAI by Beginner
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I need to peer-link two switches. Can I peer-link a Cisco 3750G running 12.2.55-SE12 with a Cisco 3850 Running Denali-16.3.7? It would be a temporary solution for us, I know the 3750G's are end of support. We're just looking for a temporary fix. My c...

JackieR by Beginner
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HI we have a smaller office design / collapsed core/agg layer/ access switching looking for a stack of 2 x  48 port cisco switches with some 10Gbase-T ports  is there such a switch ? cat 3850 ? i don't need all 96 ports to be 10G but maybe 12 per swi...

Hello! My task is to divide 1 network to subnetting with IP address at 78, 42, 21, and 9 hosts. With this information i todo scheme onpacket tracer with subnetting, switch and ruter. I found this subnettings. My question is how to do...

yoanna.d by Beginner
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Hello everyone I have a few issues which hopefully i can get some help on I am trying to ping/telnet onto each switch from the management laptop but i cannot do either I can ping between the VLAN hosts and servers and switches can ping each other. Th...

Scott1sh by Beginner
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I want to test the new zero touch provisioning feature on the 3850 or any IOS-XE 16.x.x Everest device.  I can't seem to find a IOS-XEv image on VIRL and I can't find any documentation on how to test this in a virtual environment like GNS3.  Any help...

exd42062 by Beginner
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Hello, Can we apply Stacker/Predictor compression command in CISCO CLI using CISCO Packet Tracer ?  I want to generate Traffic and apply compression command to evaluate. Please advise. Thanks Timmy Syed  

timmysyed by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a question about STP and BPDU's.  If a port in a redundant topology stops recieving BPDU's, it runs the risk of erroneously moving to the forwarding state.  However, things like BPDUGuard and BPDUFilter prevent ports from recieving BPDU...

Hi everyone, I was solving problem with policing traffic a used this commands to set configuration on switch:SW1(config)#policy-map Policy1SW1(config-pmap)#class Class2SW1(config-pmap-c)#police cir 4000000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop S...

Filip2142 by Beginner
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Hello,   we are using a stack of Cisco 3750 TS all sfp switches to act as core switch and few stack of two Cisco 3750Gs. the SonicWall firewalls are doing the actual routing except for 0/0 [firewall IP address] in switches. my question is if I need t...

m-abooali by Enthusiast
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Have a new UPS connected to the switch and trying to register the UPS to the cloud, but something in the switch is blocking that connection. Can ping the switch and see the switch, but can't make this connection.   interface GigabitEthernet3/0/17swit...

switch is a 3750x running ipbase Version 15.2(4)E7 I'm having the classic problem with line up, protocol down on every SVI except vlan 1.  I'm a total newb to managed networking gear. Now this is a test lab, All active ports are trunked.  i have 2 es...

anaxagoras by Beginner
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