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Hi All I am looking at setting up private vlans for my DMZ so hosts cannot talk directly to each other, they only need to talk to the firewall. We have a HA firewall and 2 switches, each firewall connects to a separate switch, and the switches have a...

best effort                       service level that provides basic connectivity without differenatationCAR                                 service level that provides preferred handlinghard QoS                         service level that provides res...

jonk34567 by Enthusiast
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Hi   I have a Port Channel with 2 interfaces linked to it , All with input errors that has started recently, Cisco have advised  it is jumbo packets causing the error as the port-channel and interface are all set with MTU 1500. I believe it is Vlan t...

FraserC17 by Beginner
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Hello,   i have a little issue with configuration "ip dhcp snooping" on a C9300-48T. When I configure "ip dhcp snooping trust" on interface (single interface and etherchannel) i see this notification- "%PARSER-5-HIDDEN: Warning!!! ' ip dhcp snooping ...

ZdenekF by Beginner
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Hi All,   I need to block internet & internet of one particular user so how can we block this communication i only have mac information of this user. I have L3 switch WS-C3850-12XS so is there any kind of filtering option so we can enable it on L3 sw...

yogesh1 by Beginner
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we're using WLC 5500 ( currently running 3 existing WLAN A, B, C are working fine. Now I created a new WLAN follow exactly the config in Interface and WLAN(with correct vlan id and new interface), I can also see the broadcast SSID but I cann...

Hi    I am facing a problem in saving configuration in cisco 2960x. LHR-RHQ-LG-SW#wr Building configuration... mifs[11]: Error writing sector 35 error 3   nv_done: unable to open "flash:/config.text.new"mifs[11]: Error writing sector 35 error 3   nv_...

Haroon321 by Beginner
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Hi. I hope someone can help with this. Here's a summary of my configuration   MX64 Firewall IP Address: /24 VLAN1: VLAN2: VLAN3:   MX64 Interfaces: Port 1: vlan1 access Port 2: vlan1 access Port 3: ...

Resolved! vlan creation

hi, what does happen behind the scene when a vlan is created in a switch ? 1) a CAM table is created for the vlan ? so in the internal storage is there one CAM table with a column vlan OR in the internal storage is there one CAM table for each vlan ?...

Hey I'm having a big problem with my ws-2950g-48-ei. I stucked after trying to upload new firmware. Switch wan't to boot. I get output - error g hardware not supported by firmware. I have tried to boot c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA12.bin. Can anyone he...

adsFers by Beginner
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HelloDue to a recent problem I had to manually configure a POE port.But I would like to put on a port the default configuration I can not find the command. In the screenshot below I would like to put port 11 on No.For the configuration I used the fol...

sebr by Beginner
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Hi there,   Please, do you know what is the latency for video traffic on Cisco 2960 x switches? I'm interested to install this model into a CCTV network, where the video traffic can be an issue if the latency is bigger than 8ns.   Thank you.