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Hello. Currently we're running a 6506E and a 6807 in an HSRP configuration, with the 6807 being the backup member. We have a second 6807, and I would like to implement VSS between these two, and remove the old 6506 and the HSRP configuration. I'd lik...

poulid by Beginner
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hello, i have a NAT failover configured on my 1942 router. (The config file is attached to this post). Main link is ISP1 and secondary link is ISP2. The secondary link is connected to one of the EHWIC switchports at the back of the 1942 router. The c...

buzzhani1 by Beginner
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Hello, we currently have a single core 6509 and we want to add another one to form a vss system. Is the process the same as configuring vss and will anything happen to the config on the existing switch when we reload?   thanks

NETAD by Enthusiast
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Experiencing multicast issues on Cat9400 (CAT9K_IOSXE), Version 16.6.4 for only SOME users not ALL. Previous steps were:   * Upgrading to 16.6.4 (worked for one week then problem came back) * Reboot switch (worked for one week then problem came back)...

Hello - I have some 2960x stacks that are dropping their 10g connections back to their main closets. This is a straight fiber connection to and from the main switch in the building and the edge switch drops it's connection to the main switch for abou...

ppavlovich by Beginner
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Hi all,   I have a C3750e switch which is running ipbase license. Recently, I have to apply PBR on this switch and the IOS version allowed me to apply the configuration properly. However, I found the PBR is very strange. I have traceroute the traffic...

Kurt Lei by Beginner
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Hi, I probably exagerating, but I just want to confirm   we have 2 6500 boxes (one SUP each) not in VSS just independent boxes with firewall service modules on each box we have only updagraded the secondary box and we verified asa failover is in plac...

Hi guys,   As the title says, I have an issue backing up my 6880 switch. I get the following error:   Fetch VLAN UnknownHANDLER_ERRORHandler Error com.cisco.ifm.customPalHandler.palHandler. Command failedERROR_HANDLER_ERROR Running the followind IOS...

walwar by Beginner
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Other than what is in the QOS SRND, does anyone have any working Scavenger Class examples?The SRND states to include in this class peer-to-peer media sharing apps like KaZaa, Morpheaus, etc, gaming apps, and entertainment video, but it gives no worki...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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Hi,   During initial boot up of the switch after joining to STACT i saw that the state is "Version Mismatch" then after the reboot - i wasn't able to see the switch anymore. so i disconnected to stack connection and after that i reboot the switch and...