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VTP question

We had a switch go out this week (a layer three switch) and we replaced it with another one (layer two). Both switches are 3560 PoE. The switch that was lost was the VTP server. When we yanked it out and put the new switch in, the two other switches ...

Packet Tracer 7.1.1

Hi, I want to use Cisco Packet Tracer on a IoT project and notice that some devices don't support IPv6. I want to know why the home gateway on cisco packet tracer 7.1.1 don't support IPv6. Everyone has the same problem?

Giselle by Beginner
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Catalyst 3650 48 PoE XMODEM read-only

Hi All, A 3650 lost its IOS image and I need to upload a new one via XMODEM. When I attempt to do this, I receive the following response:   switch: copy xmodem: flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.05.E.152-2.E5.binBegin the Xmodem or Xmodem-1K tran...

rtwalden by Beginner
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Resolved! Multicast assignment question

So if I need to reserve a multicast space let's say to be used for video monitors or something, what would be the best range to use as I know many 224.0.0.X are used for certain protocol comms. Any help guys?

Catalyst 3650 vs. 9300

Hi Team, I am looking for some comparism between Catalyst 3650 and C9300 for user access. I found this doc regarding C3850:https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/switches/catalyst-9300-series-switches/nb-09-migrating-cat-9k-fc-cte-en.p...

alf by Beginner
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Using extended ping command

Hi, I'm trying to use the extended ping command on a Cisco 3750 switch but I don't understand the IP Header options.   I'd like to specify the next-hop of the packet, and if I can, specify also the next-hop of the next-hop, etc. As I see in the cisco...

Virtual Stack 2960L

Hello   I have two 2960L Cisco Switches in the Datashate is that they have a Virtual Stack. The once thing I found was the Switch Cluster. That I have wirking but now I cant create a Etherchanell with boath switches. Can someone say me how that is po...

Cisco C3750X - Boot issue

Hi all,   I have bought a "used" Cisco C3750X-24 switch for training. When I boot it up it sometimes stuck on:   POST: MA BIST : Begin  (See Attached: SW POST)   SW - POST     and sometime keeps on displaying these messages (See attached: SW log) SW ...

SW POST.png SW log.png

Catalyst 2960-S + RPS2300: SNMP monitoring

Hello community,   I have a Cisco Catalyst 2960-S stack with 2 members with IOS 15.2(2)E8 and an RPS2300 with two 750W power supplies connected to it. All works fine, in the CLI the RPS is recognized and is backing up without problems. I just have on...

Daniel-nl by Beginner
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BGP to static failover

Hi Everyone.   We have primary MetroE BGP circuit and backup ADSL which was migrated to fiber using Static route. If our primary circuit goes down, will our internal LAN network still be advertise on the backup circuit?

Jamir by Beginner
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