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Hi thereI have a 3850 that does not give life signs.Power supply unit is on, green lightsPanel of the SW is all off. no lights.Connecting to the console, Putty connects (no error messages) but scree stays on the green square, doing enter does not bri...

Hi,having a 9300, is there a way to configure a port as a trunk for the outer tag, a trunk for the S-tag?I see that there are many examples for Qinq (802.1ad) as ACCESS port, but not as TRUNK.What I'm trying to achieve1) Is it possible?2) if yes how?...

Hi there,I wanted to backup my Ciscos configuration but it just does nothing when I click "Download File".I tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge but the error stays the same. Is there a certain reason it does that?Shouldnt be that hard to download a config...

Kvothe42 by Beginner
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Hi all, I have two 9300-24T switches with stacking and SW version is 17.06.03. Currently there was many logs occurred as following. Kindly help me how to solve this issue. Thank you all. %IOSXE-3-PLATFORM: Switch 2 R0/0: kernel: sd 6:0:0:0: [sda] tag...

wm12 by Beginner
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Buenas, ya llevo unos días con este problema y no he conseguido que funcionase. Tengo una red central y una remota, ambas se comunican. El problema es que he intentado que desde la red remota resuelva las consultas dns a través del server que está en...

I just installed a three cisco c9200 in a stack to replace an existing stack, and created uplinks/port-channels back to a core switch. The only thing plugged into the switch are the uplinks to the core. We are seeing a small 16port switch connected t...

I am adding 2 stacked MS425-16 switches to our network. The core is 6 stacked MS225-48 .  Should the WAN be connected direct to the MS425 or to the Core stack?  I have another location I inherited that has WAN connected to a primary switch MS225-48 a...

We have two sites that we would like to send all mirrored traffic to one of the port on site1 for traffic analysis and monitoring using SPAN and ERSPAN.  SPAN for Site1 and ERSPAN for Site 2.  These core switches are running Catalyst 9400 series. See...

Screenshot 2023-08-27 at 11.46.21 PM.png
rhap4boyz by Beginner
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