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I currently testing setting up Vlans. here is my setup  PC on Vlan 10  ip= sn= DG= VLan 100 PC ip= sn= DG= From the PC on Vlan 10 i can ping the DG, Vlan 10 IP and PC on VLan...

JPCPIA130 by Beginner
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Hi All, we have two catalyst 4500 series switch. With one switch already existing in production,we have got one more switch that is placed in different server room. We have connected these 2 switches through cabling . We have configured port chanell ...

Do the 2960S stacking modules work in a 2960-X?  The stacking cables are the same part #, even though the description for the 2960-X says Flexstack-Plus. C2960S-STACK - FlexStack hot-swappable stacking module C2960X-STACK - FlexStack-Plus hot-swappab...

I have enabled autoqos for voice on my 3750's and have a question regarding operation. I have a layer 3 interface defined on the 3750 using the no switch port command and this connects eventually to another layer 3 port on the other end. I captured t...

If this has already been answered, please point me to it and forgive me...   Trying to upgrade a new ASR 1001-X, from universal9.16.05.01b to universal9.16.06.05 from Usb0:   install add  file usb0:asr1001x-universalk9.16.06.05.SPA.bin   but I get th...

Resolved! Core Switch

Dears This is my first time to configure core switch on packet tracer and still confusing in core switch how to interconnect all the core switch? and I can't put any IP ADDRESS for each port Regards

Hello all, I need to migrate to Cisco Nexus9300. And I have not very large numbers of ports about 80. Earlier, I could make two nexus 9300 in VPC domain and connect two FEX 2000 series. Now, I see that FEX 2000 is end of sale status. What is the best...

amsrus by Beginner
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Hi guys, I have Cisco 3750 switch and 7970 IP phones connected to it.  The issue is that every time the switch is started up the ports connected to IP phones go down (down down to be more precise). At the same time, trunk port and port connected to s...

Hi Guys, Is "authentication periodic" command a prerequisite for dot1x authentication? We are currently testing dot1x authentication for LAN. The laptops and desktops are authenticated using dot1x, while IP phones and other devices are authenticated ...

ISE Auth Log.PNG
fdharmawan by Enthusiast
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Hello,    Im offering RPS2300 to a customer and I wanted to do a sanity check before I send the quote.    Scenario: Three sites Two WS-C2960X-24TS-L per site   Request from customer: Stack switches per site, 2 by 2Supply redundant power   In the esti...

Dear All, We would like to create pool of mac addresses of all our devices and assign them to the all ports and add new ones in the future. Let's say we have 100 devices, only these clients can connect and move around to different ports but if an unr...

Izac ICT by Beginner
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Resolved! Company merger

Dear All,Our company is planning to merge with another company in the same industry. as i am working in Network administration side what are the points/details i should be asking to other end for a smooth network integration.Could you please brief me...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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