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Hi AllCan anyone give me any info on Cisco's stance on the push towards the 9200 switches, these seem to be positioned to be a replacement of the 2960X switches, can anyone tell me if the 2960X will soon be discontinued in this case?Many thanks

Hi all, on a switch Nexus 31108PCV I have applied this configuration:   interface Ethernet1/1 switchport access vlan 12 ip port access-group Customer_1_Client_4 in   interface Ethernet1/5 ip port access-group Customer_3_Client_1 in switchport access ...

19782401a by Beginner
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Hi Guys ,    we have hosted some of our applications in  multiple servers and these servers are connected to 2 switches . These 2 switches are having a connection with a router . These 2 switches are configured as active and standby for these Servers...

Hi All,   I've detected that one of our devices is affected by a vunerability [https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20170214-smi] whereby Smart Install client is exploted. Our code version does not allow us t...

I have previously configured the 3750-x switches in my home network using the Cisco Network Assistant Software.   I am upgrading to C9300 family of switches for the home network.   It looks like I need to learn to configure the switches with IOS-XE. ...

bdgarcia by Beginner
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Hello Community,   I am wondering if there is a document that contains a fact about how long it takes Cisco switches and routers to boot up and/or restart.   Particularly, I am interested in the Cisco 3750, 3850, 2900, 3900, 4400 and 6500 series.   T...

foohard by Beginner
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Hello, my first online discussion hope you guys will help me. Thank you so much.I am doing a project that requires the IoT application and I want to do the automatic smoke detector. I already set up anything but at last, I can not access the IoT Moni...


Hi Experts, I have a challenge where i would like some suggestions and inputs to help me design this right with security in mind.     I have two microwave connections landing on switchs with two separate cables (Gi 0/0 and Gi0/1) configured as Trunk...

Sreenath by Beginner
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Hi ....I have a Cisco switch 2960 24-port with 20 camera connected itSometimes camera images are displayed in black. (in NVR)While the Ping connection is in placeWhat causes this problem?There is a way to see the drop packets? (without using monitori...

Mahdi.ka by Beginner
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Cisco docs a bit confusing and just looking for some clarification. If I want to create a vlan Access-map to only allow subnet hosts /24 and drop everything else on vlan 10, would I do the following configs (see 2nd sequence) or is the bes...