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Hi, I am in situation where one device and switch  each other  are connected over FTP CAT 5 patch cable . The FTP 5 patch cable is 100.3 metres.The result is that the state of port in the switch is connected, the port is up, protocol is up, link is u...

Dear Team member.   we have configure the qos for host, 1. when we start the debug, we are not able to see the any debug out put so unable to understand the configuration is correct or need any changes.   2. Also when we add the service-policy out ap...

      Hi Everyone,     Currently our 3750 switch has below config   Current Switch running ospf   ip default-gateway x.x.x.x ip classless ip route x.x.x.x     router ospf 1   default-information originate metric 10 metric-type 1     A...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello, I am seeing a lot of fragmented UDP 17 packets in a Wireshark sniff of incoming traffic from a Cisco 4900 switch (firmware 122-53.SG10) However when I run the command 'sh ip traffic' on the switch, the fragmentation statistics look empty. Can ...

Hi, here I am in situation with Cisco white switch Catalyst WS-C2960C-8PC-L.The ip cameras can't take enought power over poe ports of the cisco switch.The ip cameras work only with poe injectors.I think the problem is in power supply of Catalyst WS-2...

Good morning community!   We are trying to connect an storage to a Cisco 3850X Switch with a TenGiga x4 module, we configured the "system mtu 9198" globally but the Jumbo frames do not cross the switch, when I try it using the Giga Interfaces it work...

Hi. I'm new to Cisco hardware though I have some experience in networking. I'm having trouble in configuring a small network where the afore mentioned router acts also as a switch. In practice I need that all 4 fast ethernet ports are used by vlan1 a...

Raff1 by Beginner
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Hi, probably a newb question but...I do show int statu for gi1/0/15Gi1/0/15                     connected    1          a-full  a-100 10/100/1000BaseTXIf I do show I get nothing.sho mac address-table interface gi1/0/15          Mac Address Table-----...

Hello, I have a problem with Catalyst 4900M and inlet temperature for module. Temperature went up few days ago and now it`s below alarm threshold but it`s still showing warning cause it didn`t went down more then 5C. Anyone know how to change thresho...

kimek4901 by Beginner
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