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I have a Pair of N9K-C9372TX-E's running 7.0(3)I4(8a). The EPLD info indicates : Module  Type   EPLD              Running-Version   New-Version  Upg-Required 1            SUP  IO FPGA                   0x06               0x06                  No 1   ...

hkubat by Level 1
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I have two switches running EIGRP but get the following error messages *Mar 6 16:06:19.511: %DUAL-6-NBRINFO: EIGRP-IPv4 100: Neighbor (Vlan3) is blocked: not on common subnet (*Mar 6 16:06:33.266: %DUAL-6-NBRINFO: EIGRP-IPv...

lowfell by Level 3
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Dear all,   After booting the 4500-X switch showing the below message  and the switch shutdown automatically . Anyone knows the solution for this issue ?    Press RETURN to get started! *Feb 26 23:10:33.922: %C4K_IOSSYS-6-IMAGELEVEL: Supervisor booti...

sudeesh12 by Level 1
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hi there,  i want to test the embedded wlc that comes with the cat9k the model of the switch is: Switch Ports Model SW Version SW Image Mode ------ ----- ----- ---------- ---------- ---- * 1 40 C9300-24UX 16.9.2 CAT9K_IOSXE INSTALL   i'm trying to in...

hi. i use 2960S for test but few days ago, VLAN interfaces got down and up intermittently. so i looking for log about VLAN problem but there was nothing about information about this problem. just written like some vlan interfaces down and up. is ther...

GH_Lee by Level 1
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kindly we have 2 2960x switch stacked and we have 1 fortigate 60D mode hardware switch and this fortigate don't support Link aggregation and we need to connect with fortigate by 2 uplink 1 from each edge switch and when we do this we create a loop be...

SS_MO7722 by Level 1
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Hello Everyone, I have the below scenario: Two L2 switches - S1 and S2.  Port f0/10 connected to PC1 on vlan 10 on S1. Port f0/11 connected to PC2 on vlan 11 on S2. Port f0/1 on S1 is on vlan 10 and is connected to port f0/1 on S2 is on vlan 11.Their...

I am studying for the CCNA exam from the "CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105 Official Certification Guide".I am on the 156 page, Demonstrating Mac Learning. I wrote show mac address-table in the Switch CLI but i didnt seem something. 

bade11 by Level 1
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Due to limitations in hardware and possibly experience, I'm running into a wall trying to block traffic coming into my network. I'm trying to create an ACL to apply to an interface on my Catalyst 3750-24PS switch, but I don't know how to make it work...

ElQueue by Level 1
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 Hi friends, My company is currently using a ring topology but I have seen that 2 links are in the blokking state. At one link, all VLANs are blocked except VLAN 1. At the other link, only VLAN 1 is in the blokking state. Ideally all vlan's should be...

ALBA. by Level 1
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