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Hi, yeah, this is between switching or routing problem. Got two buildings connected with a very old fiber. We got a wireless bridge for failover redundancy. Basically availability of the link is critical and not the performance. Buildings very close ...

janit by Beginner
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So, got a brand-spankin' new Catalyst 9300.  Racked it up, connected to console port with PuTTY, booted the switch.  Went through the basic configuration script.  When it was done, I tried to enter enable mode and found I couldn't - evidently, I fat-...

Hi,I'm trying add a static multicast binding to an interface on a 9300 series switch.ie, I need to force some multicast groups out an interface which does not have IGMP group requests comming in via it.  The catalyst guide below says to use the "Devi...

GrimSay by Beginner
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I have been tasked with creating a 9200L stack at a remote site. The existing switch is a 9200L-24P-4G. The only switch i have on hand to ship to Houston is a 9200L-24P-4X. I am assuming this will be fine as i have not seen any documentation to tell ...

So in my building I have a switch closet on each floor with a stack of 3750's. Each floor switch stack has a single fiber link to the core switch (3750) in the server room. Both switches are L3 and I've configured the link between as a dot1q trunk. I...

Was thinking of migrating an existing small network to Cisco equipment, as the owner wants to move to a more upmarket, higher-reliability infrastructure. Main issue I see is that most if not all of the Cisco routers depend on a Java web-applet for co...

ianwrudge by Beginner
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