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switching Mac address spoofing

Hi, we have cisco l2 switches and broadcast with together. if hacker trying to access our network using mac spoofing? is it possible. cisco switches first time learn mac address and maintained one mac table. if hacker trying to send unknown mac addre...

cisco WS-C4507 hardware TCAM limit

We have a WS-C4507 (Version 15.2(1)E3) switch in Office LAN which has an ACL with almost 11,000 ACEs. Office LAN is going down sometimes. For the past few days, CPU Utilization is staying at 99% during most of the office hours. Also in log the follow...

zobaarul by Beginner
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Dual Was RV 320 not balancing for different speeds ISPs - will use the slowest speed of each ISP

 I am trying to balance NET and LiveTIM (ISP providers) with speeds of 60MB upload and 6mb download (net) and 50mb upload and 30mb download (Livetim), but the RV320 is delivering the slowest speed for upload and download of each ISP. I am geting 50MB...

vpn server configuration

I am new to cisco I have to create a vpn server with static ip and pre shared key on win 10 I have cisco router 2901 and cisco firewall asa 5512 x please help with the configuration for cisco products

it by Beginner
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Cisco 3850 series

I have tried about 3 times but to no avail. I put together a config file and uploaded it into my switch 24  port ( not stacked)and 48 ( stack - 3 switches) but it seems my config is not correct. Can you please take a look at the attached file and adv...

Password Recovery Wierdness

Hello!I am trying to do a password recovery on a 2960g. I follow the documentaion that says to hold down the mode button until I see:The system has been interrupted prior to initializing theflash filesystem. The following commands will initializethe...

Pete89 by Explorer
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SG300-10 port managed Switch

Good Morning, I bought the switch a couple of weeks ago. I connected the switch to my network and when I type the default address to login it comes back with the error cant find connection. When I try to ping it does not find the address.  I proceed ...


I am a bit confused. See attachment of topology.   If I have two routers configured for HSRP.  These two router each connect to a different switch.  GW of Sw0 is .1 which is Router 0 GW of Sw1 is .2 which is Router 1 GW of each router both point towa...

Vlan Tagging Configuration for a Cisco 2960

I need some assistance configuring my Cisco 2960 Switch. These are the VLan1 and Vlan41 settings. • •Ports 1-20 are U1 and T41 •Port 21 is U41 •Port 22 is U1, T41 and T42 •Port 23 is U42 •Port 24 is U1  PVID = 1 •U1(Untagged) is set on Vlan 1 in por...

mpippen01 by Beginner
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