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Hi All, I am facing an issue in Cisco 3850 switch running version 03.07.02E, ssh users are not getting logged out even when the exec timeout expiry. Exec time out is set as 5 min. I just console into switch and checked but after that console is also ...

Hi everyone!   As I understood, " loopguard" is a proprietary Cisco feature and it seems to me that it has an important role in running STP. So ... I have two questions: 1- Does anyone know the equivalent of the loopgaurd feature in IEEE 802.1D stand...

azi123 by Level 1
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Hi all,i have a media Server in one Vlan now i want to access it from other Vlans as well. for DLNA i configure Multicast and PIM Spare mode with rp address on Cisco 4500x L3 switch and enable IGMP snooping on all my Layer 2 switches but still not ab...

Dears,We have cisco catalyst 9407 and we inserted only 4 linecards oo it.some ports on the module 6 (line card 4) doesn't work with ip phone (the phone doesn't register) no problem in power.When i change the phone from these ports to another port on ...

Greetings! Say you are setting up a switch and vlans for a small business, and you want a vlan for data- .30, and a vlan for AV equipment- .40.  How would you setup the switchports when folks will move around, and AV equipment will move?  It's my und...

Here is my scenario..I have a site with a VTP server stack and several VTP client stacks trunked to it with a half dozen vlans in the VTP domain with a password used.  We are building another new site and it will use the same VTP domain with the same...

gp1200x by Level 2
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How can i get mac address of devices instead of  client-id ?   CORE#sh ip dhcp binding Bindings from all pools not associated with VRF:IP address           Client-ID/                Lease expiration              Type           State        Interface ...

I am trying to replace a failing Cisco C3750 switch with a Meraki MS250. I have about 14 VLANs. The problem I have discovered is that the Meraki switch does not support RIP so interVLAN routing is failing. I have two stacks of C3750s as well as three...

rmiller by Level 1
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I'm having a problem setting up an example redundant L2 configuration.  For reference I'm testing this in VIRL.  What is happening is that the spanning tree is not properly blocking the spanning tree ports to prevent a loop.  I've tried enabling the ...


Is the 2960-X a full L3 switch like intervlan routing, qos, etc, or does it have basic L3 functionality? I found the data sheet, but I can't find anything about intervlan routing. Would it be better to go to a 3750?Thanks!John