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Hi Expert ,    i am planning to upgrade the ios for cisco 4500 switch ( 1 rack chassis  ) which is in vss , from 03.05.03.E to 03:08:x ..    i am going to follow the below steps , but when i did upgrade last time ios upgrade i faced vss break issue  ...

Vivek by Beginner
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I have 5 vlans In core vlans are vlan 10 ( for Management Switch  Vlan20 ( for  Sales Vlan30( for HR Vlan 40 ( for IT Vlan 50 ( for  Account and I have 20 access layer switch Then...

Hi,   I am trying to configure de Auto-QoS on a cisco 4500 port-channel and for some reason i can only configure the input service policy. Can anyone explain me how to do it or share the documentation link.   Regards Gonçalo Reis

We have two switches in VSS from where we are connecting a server configuring port channel on VSS. - SW1=======SW2 (in VSS) - Server having two uplinks connecting to VSS. - Server's one uplink is getting connected on Gig1/1/9 (SW1-VSS) a...

 I have setup an Ubiquiti USG with 3 networks. Lan 1 (untagged) is vlan 10 is, and vlan 50 is I am trying to put a raspberry pi 3 with a static on the "lan" network so it is on same network as the router....

Gdlgiii by Beginner
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Short MST region boundary towards Rapid-PVST-MEC and Rapid-PVST Synchronization effects on that MEC   Description of topology VSS01 running rapid-pvstVSS01 connects to Nexus-dist01-vPC-pair (D01) through one MEC consisting of 4x10Gbps portsD01 runnin...

codha by Beginner
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Hello,   I've got to log on to many switches and record their version of firmware so I can upgrade them.  I've started manually logging on via SSH and do a sh version and recording this, but I wondered if there is a tool (free) that I can put the IPs...

Gonzo1 by Beginner
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Hi, devices B is connected to Nexus7K. After we logon to Nexus7K, based on the output of show ip arp and show mac address-table, we can know Device B is connected to Nexus7K via vlan 100, but vlan 100 have several ports on Nexus7K. How can we know wh...

wfqk by Contributor
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Hey gang,  I've been using Packet Tracer (v7) to do a little bit of design work and what not, and I noticed a peculiar problem when I simulate a link failure in a very basic OSPF environment. At first I thought maybe it was my config (knocking some d...

brian03801 by Beginner
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